Writing Product Descriptions to Double Your E-commerce Sales

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So you have your very own platform for you to share your ideas with your clients? Great! In this way, you know that you have a multitude of readers on your website but at the same time, a tiny fraction of them will be ready to buy your product. Now, why is that? You think that you have written the best content you can think of and given a top to the bottom description for your product. You still find that your product does not sell to as many customers that you intended it to.

Well, one of the most troublesome things about being a content marketer is to not get as many customers to buy your product. In this way, you would be in a fix as to how to attract people who are interested in your product and at the same time, buy the content that you are selling. Write detailed and well thought out content product descriptions is the best way to attract customers.

Then again, is there really a need for product description? Though it does not seem like much and users can see what they what they are buying, it pays to write down a well-described articles of what you are going to sell.

Here are some of the benefits of a unique product description:

  1.     More clarity for your content.
  2.     Better recognition by Google analytics.
  3.     Better product descriptions mean self-selling articles
  4.     Gives a one to one feedback to your customers

After researching on how successful content marketing companies design their text, here are some of the key similarities that they have written for their product descriptions that you can use for your content marketing strategy.

Answer the 5 W’s

While writing product descriptions, great content writers will always look out for these 5 W’s when talking about their content.

  1.       Who is this product for?
  2.       What are the product details that will set your item apart from the competition?
  3.       Where are your customers going to use your product?
  4.       When will a customer buy your product?
  5.       Why will a customer purchase a product?

In this way, they will always have a clear goal in understanding how a product is written, who is it being targeted towards and how appealing is the content.

Keep in mind how your product will benefit your customers

Consumers will always be looking out for a product that means the most to them. In this way, you are better off writing a product description that will be able to show them how useful your product will be. Since people are more inclined to buy a product that will have a personal impact on them, you can give them a detailed explanation of how this product was useful to you. In this way, people will have a personal connection with the product and are more likely to buy what you are offering them.

Tell a story

Everyone likes a well thought out story. In this way, people will be more interested if your product could appease their imagination by writing a captivating experience related to your product. For this reason, an interesting story which combines the functionality of the product and its unique advantages is bound to make your product sell.

Originality is key

One of the fastest ways of selling your selling your articles is by writing product descriptions that will be able to stand out from your competitors. Even if there are many people selling the same type of product, what makes some stand out from the rest is how unique they can make their content.

Even the most mediocre of products, when written to perfection, will be able to gather a lot of sales. In this way, you are bound to get some audience for your content. What makes you stand out from the rest is how you develop your content to target your audience. This is essential  to give your product the recognition it deserves.

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