Why Google Comes Up With Strict Algorithms and Penalties?

Achieving top spot in Google’s search engine page results has always been a matter of concern for every site on the web. Whether it’s a small business or large, everyone wish to leverage the power of search engine optimization and other digital marketing strategies to drag more traffic, lends and conversion. However in this race to hit the topmost rank, many businesses or brand fell flat on their face when Google came upfront will algorithm updates that turned the whole SEO world upside down.

However the question is that are we responsible to force Google take such drastic steps as penalties and apply harsh algorithm filters to keep track of the quality of the website? Somewhere down the line the answer is a big yes!

There was a time when the term search engine optimization has its own totally different sense as far as today’s SEO practices are concerned. Even small business owners used to deem that search engine optimization is a process where the end result must be high ranking regardless of the strategies or techniques taken into consideration along the path. This is where most of the people fell short and soon got hit by Google’s algorithm updates!

Abuse of Google’s regulations bring forth severe penalties & drastic algorithms into existence

Google’s earlier strategies allowed webmasters to build linking, leverage the power of content and stuff keywords. However it’s a matter of fact that we dragged it to another level, almost exploiting every single freedom given by Google. In realty Google told us to have content on the webpages but not to have poor quality that’s just meant to fill empty spaces. Google told us to use keyword to lend a helping hand so that it can locate website during the search, with reference to the search query.

However it was our call to take keyword stuffing to another level where the content with stuffed keyword remained anything but a sensible write-up. We are the one who never thought of the relevancy, readability or quality that we should have kept track of at the first place. In any case having a user-friendly, relevant and meaningful website was as much imperative as ranking high in the search results.

There is only a single key to SEO ranking- And that is a user-first approach

When it became a regular matter for webmasters to bring into play such not-so-worthy tactics for ranking high in SERPs, that was the time Google has to come up with more strict manual penalties and algorithm filter to set aside websites with poor quality from ranking in the search results. Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird are the greatest examples that are the manifestation of Google’s courtship with website’s quality.

Fortunately today as a web user’s point of view we are assured not to see tacky website with poor content and a paradigm of exploitation of Google’s regulations on the top of search engine page results. However one thing that’s very clear is that a majority of webmasters thrive to find loopholes as a breakthrough from Google’s algorithm filters, regulation and penalties instead of bring white hat techniques into play and rank a website high! Nonetheless it is out and out clear that today’s SEO environment calls for a use-oriented approach and one who can achieve it would only be worth to win the race!

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