White papers can be excellent success drivers. Well-planned and effectively written, a strategic marketing white paper is a great source of inbound leads, assists new business, and provokes thoughts. If a white paper lacks strategy and quality, it’s a waste. Don’t let your brand publish something like that.

Crafted with sharp editorial intelligence, our white papers set you apart in a right way.


You may read conflicting views on white papers regarding the length, style and voice. Offering concise information is essential but if your brand needs some more space to showcase your expertise, then then there is no point in drawing the lines of restrictions around your content. Well, using more space doesn’t mean filling the space with similar information. We believe that “If you do not creating buzz, nobody can hear you”.

Many of us have seen dull and boring white papers. There is no doubt that white papers are made to solve problems, that’s why we believe in giving it a human touch. Only the human will read and act on it, so it makes sense to add a human touch.

At ContentPlant, we help you build white papers based on your viewpoint, and we also assist you and work together to develop something amazing. Crafted to attract, engage and encourage, yet remain ten-on-ten when it comes to professionalism. Our white papers drive value, encourage your prospects, excite your clients, contacts, and others.


eBooks are used by many companies to educate their customers or display informative content relevant to their audience. These eBooks are easy to produce, inexpensive, and can include graphics that attract and engage the audience in a better way. As opposed to a whitepaper, an eBook is broken down into smaller pieces and made easy to consume. These eBooks are visually heavy and focus more on interest areas.

Show them who you are, rather than just telling.

They can be downloaded, purchased easily and allow the publisher to add links to drive traffic to their website. Many companies we work with use them as a part of their lead generation strategy in which they provide eBooks to their subscribers. These eBooks help build credibility and trust. They establish you as a thought leader.


What did you do on a recent project? And how did you do that? Yes, YOU. You know the answer and we know that. But the way you convey your brand’s values makes the difference. Your case studies should create urgency to act.

When we start crafting case studies, we start without bragging (unless asked via your brand). We engage our copywriting services and create the content in a streamlined, humanized way while keeping your audience in mind.

We ask you for the necessary details. We collect the details and develop the strategy. Behind the scenes, we research and discuss the ideas with our in-house team. We figure out the best, suitable approach. Now, you have a serviceable case study and a brand new amazing path to qualified leads.

Anyone can talk about better quality, better service and all the superlatives. It doesn’t need skills. At ContentPlant, we believe that gaining attention and earning business from people are two different things. Nothing can replace the impact of realistic demonstration of how your products/services beat the challenges, how they can empower people and brands and why they should choose you.

At ContentPlant, we develop these driving forces.

After we learn your brand, our content writing services make your achievements come alive in bright detail. We set the landscape, focus your value, and develop your data—till it stand out. As a result, you build authority and increase desires.

Our in-house creative team offers the following services in production.

Interested in showing off your industry knowledge, expertise and building up your brand?