Content marketing is the process through which brands create, publish and market high quality, useful content to interact, inform and engage their target audience who is already surfing the web pages to consume the same. But content marketing serves more purposes. Brands get many opportunities such as brand promotion, increased visibility in search engines, more audience which ultimately leads to higher conversion and sales.


Content is the present and future of marketing

The world we live in today is very different for many businesses from the time their journey began. Brands used to spend a lot of money in advertising and sales persons were their rockstars who used to be experts in selling products to those in need.

Today, buyer is more educated. The buyer proactively reaches the businesses.
Buyers educate themselves before making any purchase. They use various methods to guide themselves before they contact a brand or business or even a salesperson representing the brand.

Guess what? More than 80% of shoppers spend time on the internet to get the information about the products they love or type of products they are looking for. Shoppers feed themselves with almost 80% information about the brand.

The only answer to this buyer-centric situation: Content and Content Marketing.


We Don’t Just Say It. We Talk Facts.

Leading attributes of content marketing effectiveness according to B2B Marketers as of the first quarter of 2015.

Audience Relevance 90%
Engaging and Compelling Storytelling 81%
Effectively Delivers Message 71%
Triggers a Response/Reaction 66%
Re-usability 56%
Originality 46%
Written for SEO 44%
Well Edited Copy 42%
Custom Content 32%
Low Cost 17%
Easy To Produce 15%

Content Marketing is about giving your customers reasons to love you

Content marketing is about serving your consumers’ needs, giving them what they really want while serving your brand’s purpose. Surrounding people with your brand without annoying them is one of the major changes that content marketing can bring to you. Content marketing helps you reach the right people you want, with something more effective, more reliable, and unique.


Content marketing for brands

Just like an umbrella, encompassing all the elements of marketing, content leads businesses to growth and better customer experience. Find out what content marketing can do for you.

Increased brand awareness: Many brands miss the huge audience to digest their content, with only a handful of people noticing your brand. Content marketing boosts your brand’s discoverability. When prospects and buyers surf the internet for something they want, your brand continues to show up at the right moment.

Increased brand preference: Brands who unleash the power of content marketing are established as a thought leader in their industries. Content marketing helps you become a thought leader by strengthening your relationships with consumers.

Greater visibility: Content marketing is not a short-term strategy, but a strategic flow of quality content flourishes your brand with plethora of qualified leads and shoppers while boosting your rank in search engines.


CONTENT MARKETING AND SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

When you take some steps to succeed with content marketing, take a few more steps to help your brand succeed with search engines. At ContentPlant, we weave some SEO best practices into your content strategy that makes your brand more impressive in the eyes of search engines, boosting your website rank in search results.

Natural Keyword Usage:

Shame on those SEO service providers who kill the quality of content with unethical keyword stuffing and put the brands at risk. It is wise to be wary of such companies.

Ever since one of the major search engines Google started changing its search algorithm, use of keywords started losing the charm. It doesn’t mean that search engines do not entertain the use of keywords, but they prefer quality instead of massive bombarding of keywords.

At ContentPlant, we identify your major keywords for the content and their supplements in form of additional relevant keywords. We make sure that your content includes those keywords. We put them in places where search engine actually appreciate their usefulness.
We craft content for humans ensuring these machines will love it too.

Earning natural links:

You may have seen companies selling and buying links. Many SEO providers think that they can fool search engines by doing all these things. Well, this is not the way things work. Such things have never worked for anyone. Spammy links actually hurt your site and lower down the overall brand image. At ContentPlant we have built strong connections that will love to link and share your content. Links from such high-quality websites will absolutely give your website a great boost.


Using relevant content improves the overall user experience, which increases CTR (Click Through Rate) and improves your position with search engines.

The strength of our marketing strategy is in giving what your audience is looking for. To make sure that people can find it, we use ethical SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tactics to help your brand in terms of higher position in search results.

From leads to sales – An exciting journey of content marketing

Widely accepted as the marketing tool of this age, Content is a highly sought-after method of marketing– and with many incredible reasons. When planned and executed well, content marketing can make great change within a short period of time. It communicates complex ideas clearly in very less time allowing brand to develop enduring relations with their customers.

How Do We Create Content Marketing Strategy?

Our process is pretty different, and it might surprise you. Whether you’re looking for a social media content plan, or multi-channel content marketing solution or a strategy for a specific project, as part of our process we cover many things.
For more information and inspiration, check out the content marketing strategy. This is more than just information- a complete journey.

How Do We Create Content?

Content creation means much more than text copies, words, images and colour schemes. process will look different for every marketing team, and even for every team’s various content pieces.

At ContentPlant, we know that crafting content for different mediums is about publishing engaging pieces your audience will definitely love – whether that be a thought-provoking blog post, an informative press release, a creative infographic, eye-catching video, or a brand new website design. We create, publish and monitor the performance of great content.

Take a look at our Content Creation Process for detailed information.

Luckily for you, our content team is pretty awesome at different content formats.

Ready for exceptional content that brings people closer to you?

Time to breathe some magic into your brand.