Website Designing: 4 Reasons You Should Be Very Careful About Typography

Typography is a very important element of web designing. Typography is the style of writing fonts in a content. Typography, if properly done can enhance your website’s appearance and if you ignore it then it can spoil it too. So be attentive while choosing the right font and right style, because your ignorance can spoil your whole website.

The reasons why you should be very careful about the typography are as follows :

1. Typography is an inseparable part

Typography is not considered different from your content. It is a very important part of your content. The moment you decide to take it as granted and choose the default fonts, you will end messing up your work. Instead of doing that, you should focus on planning the correct typography for your content. Your little efforts can enhance your work to a great extent. So you should never ever ignore it.

2. It expresses your personality

Don’t your parents thought a lot before finalizing your name? Obviously yes. And why did they do that? Because you were their identity. Just like that the typograph you use in your content reflects your personality and identity. Your attitude becomes clear through your content. You can be romantic, humorous, modern or shy. So, choose your type specifically and wisely. This is a thing which will connect people with you.

3. Readability

Readability is a must have quality. Even if you have written excellent content, if it is not visible then the aim will not be fulfilled. The factors that determine the readability are size, spacing, leading, contrast, line length, paragraph. For example, if the spacing between 2 lines is not proper then people will not be able to read it or the space between 2 words is not regular then this irregular spacing can also be a trouble for the eyes of the readers. And your whole plan of convincing your customers to buy that particular product will be a waste. So choose a type which is pleasing to the eyes of the readers.

4. People will judge you

The experienced readers can judge your skills just by looking at the font style used. The style in which you publish shows the experience you have in that field. Your level of intelligence is tested when you use the right font for your content. For example : for a formal website you can use Times Roman and use if your site is for college students then Comic Sans will work or if you your website is about some super natural powers then Amatic fonts will work.

Typography has a very crucial role in your website designing. At the first stance the people will judge your website only on the basis of your type. So, cleverly choose your type, as the whole concept of your website depends on the way of your type design.

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