What Is A Website Content Writer? Guide To Writing SEO Content

Website content writer is the one who writes content to attract customers on your website. He is the one responsible for the traffic on your website. His marketing strategy should be really good to compete with others. Search engine optimisation (SEO) refers to a process that affects the visibility of your website on the internet. That’s why it is very necessary for a website content writer to use this technique of SEO properly. The guidelines for a website content writer to write SEO content :


A website content writer has to use the targeted keywords naturally in the article. You should use common keywords in your website content. In order to do that you should think from the point of view of your customers. You should use those words as your keywords which are famous and can easily be thought of. A perfect SEO content should have proper keywords, used at the right intervals.

Headline and Introduction

The headline of a content should be catchy and yes it is very important to keep your keyword in the headline. You should keep your key phrase in your first paragraph. First paragraph of your SEO content should be interesting and attractive and should contain the most important matter of your whole content. You should follow the inverted pyramid format that is the most important information on the top then a little lesser important information and at the last the least important things.

Meta description

Meta description refers to the short paragraph of one or two lines. It gives the details of the topic. A website content writer should write these lines in such a way that the readers would get a complete idea about the whole website by just reading it. Meta description is an important part of the website as it is the only thing by which people will judge your website at first glance.


Storytelling is an important part of SEO content. If you want to be a good website content writer you should write a good story about your product. You should not just think about advertising your product, but should also tell an interesting story of how you thought of making that product or anything about it to attract customer’s attention.

You should think about all the ways that could optimise your website. As this will make your website more and more popular amongst masses. SEO is always a misunderstood concept but if one is very much aware of this concept then he can definitely achieve huge success by using it.

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