Web Designing & Development: 5 Mistakes Your Company Should Not Make

The main reason of the downfall of many of the small businesses is the poor web designing. When the website of a company shows no growth then obviously the viewers start lacking interest in it. This results into a big loss for the company. The mistakes your company should not make are as follows :

1. Being over creative

Excess of anything is bad. You should not be over creative while designing your webpage. When you use lots of different types of fonts style and irrelevant colours on your website then it confuses the audience. You should realise the fact that a viewer will not spend more than 2-3 minutes or even less than that, at your website. So, don’t distract him by using plenty of web designing elements. Be decent at your work, don’t use very less graphics but also don’t overdo it.

2. Poor content

Content is the most important part of your website. You should craft it wisely. You can apply the famous inverted pyramid formula in writing your content. The viewers get to know by just seeing the first few lines of the content that whether it is worth reading or not. If the starting of your content is boring then they will simply close your website. Remember that the viewer will not give you a second chance to improve your content. Once he has judged you on the basis of your content, his opinion will remain the same for ever. So be careful while writing your content.

3. Irrelevant Images

The images you use in your website should be relevant to the content. The image should be able to show the complete concept of your website. The viewers can easily relate the image with the content written on your site. The message given through your picture should clearly reach your audience. At the same time the images should be of high quality too. High quality pictures look more attractive than the normal ones.

4. Target variety of audience

Every businessman knows it is very difficult to target the right audience. It requires a lot of efforts to decide the exact marketing strategy for the target audience. Same is in the case of web designing. Some websites are decent, some are trendy, and some are the retro themed websites, each related to the concept of business. So, be concentrated towards your specific niche and target audience.

5. No contact information

Some websites do not provide proper contact information and that’s what the biggest mistake is. If the customer will not get your contact details then how will he enquire and purchase that product? So it is mandatory for companies to provide accurate contact details along with the ability to connect through social media channels.

Try to avoid these big web designing mistakes.You just need to be careful while designing your website. As they can lead to the utter failure of your company’s website.

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