Web Design Trends 2017: Some Easy To Adopt Strategies

As we know that businesses seeking growth prefer developing websites, web design trends are changed. The questions circulating web design trends 2017 are at peak. Undoubtedly, there will be some significant updates in the industry,, but what are they?

In the new year, people should adopt some of the web design trends to stay ahead in the game. By implementing these changes, businesses can expect better results in the coming months. Here are some web design trends you can follow in 2017.


In past years, many people were sticking to standard fonts only, but now various new fonts are becoming a necessity. There are many fonts available online for use that can make websites more attractive. If you are tired of seeing the same font style on your webpages and thinking of getting brand new fonts, discuss with a professional web design company to choose the right font for you. The font style, size and colors need to be soothing and should add more readability to your webpages.

Video content

This is not necessary that every visitor will read your brand message written in text. Nowadays, people prefer consuming content through videos. From 360 degree videos to product explainers, videos and animation are already in demand. The statistics show that video consumption is all time high and will continue to grow.

Virtual reality

There’s a lot of scope for businesses in virtual reality. There are a few web assets available in VR, as the technology is in its early stage. VR has already covered gaming, travel and healthcare industry and it will soon become more important for website owners. Mozilla and many other brands have started supporting developers to build virtual reality based web experiences.

Haptic Feedback

Haptic feedback is a sophisticated way to learn more about your audience. Use of haptic feedback in mobile application is already in trends and when it comes to web design trends 2017, web developers should not miss this element from their vision.

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