Web design trends for 2016: The present & future of web designing

Web design trends are changing every year. A quick overview of web design trends in previous years can reveal the facts about how technology has changed web designing and development. In this rapidly changing scenario of web designing, it is important to keep an eye on latest web design trends.

Web design and development process is largely dictated by technical advancements. As new web development techniques evolve and change, so do web design trends. And even though web design techniques change, one thing remains the same; it’s impact. To make sure that your website design continues to attract more visitors and keeps them busy, take a look at these web design trends:


Having a story for website is really important in today’s highly competitive digital landscape. Only strong web design strategy can make your brand stand out from the crowd. The website is the place where you can present your content in a unique and influential way. A great story establishes your brand as a thought leader in your industry and it also builds an emotional connection between with your customers.


The menu on your website is one of the major elements that decide on how long visitors may go with your brand. These days, menus at the top with hidden content are being used by many people. You may have noticed three tiny lines and when you click on them, menu items appear. It is called ‘Hamburger’ menu. Here I’m sharing a picture of Hamburger menu for your convenience. You can check this feature by visiting our website on your mobile.


Web Design Trends 2016



Website buttons help your visitors move to different pages, explore content and finalize their actions. People are moving away from colourful, flashy buttons and they prefer implementing transparent buttons on website. You may have noticed the Ghost button on the homepage of this website. No worries if you haven’t seen it yet, here’s a screenshot:


web design trends Ghost button example



Use of custom typography will not fade away soon. Using attractive font on the website is really important to catch attention when the content is simplified and inspired by minimalism.


Days are gone when generic stock photos were embraced by people. Today, the jaw-dropping photographs are available with the communities like Unsplash and 500px. It is really very important to keep the balance between all the elements of your website. Uncoordinated photographs leave a bad impressions and decrease credibility too. Strategic use of photographs gives a genuine feel to everyone who visits the website.

Web Pages:

You may have seen many websites with multiple pages and many with just a single page. A single page website is also a trend many individuals and businesses are incorporating. Using a single page website certainly makes it easy for the visitor to get all the information on a single page. It also adds value to mobile friendliness of the website. But this web design trend is not very useful for those who want to show more information on their website. However, the information can be conveyed through a single page, but it is better to have multiple pages if your website really needs it. Putting the important content in digital dustbin doesn’t make sense.

Web Content:

Quality content for website is becoming more and more important. Content that not only has quality but it should also engage users. Your content should convince the visitors to take favourable actions. This year, people should focus on different types of content. A research is here to help you get an idea about most used content marketing tactics in 2015.


Icons that represent exact material through picture can now be replaced with line icons. Line icons represent the same thing in a very unique way. A large number of icons are being accepted by different devices universally; and the usage is growing rapidly. So, it would be great idea to incorporate line icons in your website.


Web Design Trends Line Icons


Bottom Line:

In the next couple of months, we’ll be seeing more web design trends in action that create that pleasant feeling of accessing a website. These trends will be changing the way industries represent themselves. As a leading content marketing company in India, ContentPlant will be sharing more information with you in coming days.

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