Web Design For Startup: Why Text Matters As Much As Graphics

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Graphics are also an important part of web design for startup but not as much as the text. Content is the most crucial part of the web design for startup. It also increases your rankings on search engines. Good content holds the attention of the viewers for a longer period of time. The following are the reasons why text matters as much as graphics in the web design for startup:

  • The readers will trust you. If you publish content about a subject, people will consider expect the advice to be powerful. Your audience will rely on the information given by you. So, it’s your duty to write trustworthy content because it matters as much as graphics.
  • The another reason is that the text stays with you. Whenever you write a piece of content, it stays with you. You can later read it or can add it to your content library. People will remember your website with the content or the information given by you. Web design for startup company should consist of excellent content as the reputation of the whole startup depends on it.
  • Your content with the right keywords can improve your website’s ranking. This is because people search any information by inserting the most popular keywords and only if those keywords are used in your text content, then only the link to your website will be visible. A well crafted piece of content can help you in optimization of your landing page or your website.
  • You can convert visitors into loyal visitors of your website if they are impressed by your text content and then they will forward it too. But only if they find your content enough interesting and informative. So, try to give the accurate information to the public.
  • Your content establishes your brand too. The process of establishing one’s brand is very difficult and long. But you can make it short and simple through your excellent content writing skills. You can write unique and outstanding text on your website and in turn it will help you a lot in your brand establishment.
  • Your text should be equally rich as the graphics because you will share it along with the graphics. And these will provide links directly to your website. And the trend of passing negative comments is on its peak, so be sure about the accuracy of the information you provide. The quality of the content on these platforms determines web traffic to your website.

So, you can clearly see that text is the heart of your website. If the written content in your website is not effective​, the purpose won’t be solved. Web design for startup company should include excellent written content with graphics as the reputation of the whole startup depends on the message you convey through content.

Graphics are also important because they enhance your brand’s appearance. Both text and graphics are different sides of the same coin and so are equally important.

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