Ways To Measure Your Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing is a way to inform your customers about a product. The purpose of your content should be both of educating and convincing your audience to buy your product. Content marketing strategy consists of multiple parts -content plan, its creation, distribution, measurement and optimization.

When you excel at these areas, you will surely be a master at content marketing. And to be an expert at it, you need a perfect content marketing strategy.

Here are some ways through which you can measure your content marketing strategy :

Brand upliftment

You can measure your content marketing strategy by knowing the way people think about​ your company i.e to know their perception about your company. If they have started recognizing your brand then your strategy is working, you can get to know this through social media. The reactions of your audience will tell you about their perception.

Amount of traffic

The amount of traffic will decide the efficiency of your content marketing strategy. The content when distributed amongst your audience, can impress them so much that they start sharing it more and more and thus it will increase traffic on your content. Measuring the amount of traffic can tell you how much worthy your content is.  

Social activities

You can check your company’s content marketing strategy through the amount of followers on various social media sites. By seeing their reactions on social sites you can clearly make out that your message is being sent to the right audience.

The likes, shares, tweets, retweets and comments can tell you how much they are impressed. You can easily get your feedbacks from there by interacting personally to them.

Time spent on your website

The time people spend on your website will tell you how effective your content is. If your content is making people stay for a longer period of time then your content marketing strategy is doing well.

And if a large number of people are simply visiting your site and not taking any proper action such as exploring new pages and areas on your website then something needs to be amended in your content marketing strategy.

Your strategy should not be just a piece of content to make people visit your webpage, instead it should compel them them to indulge into some activity in favour of your company.


You should see the number of subscribers of your website. This number will tell you that your content marketing strategy is ok or not. You can find this out by giving a sign up option at your website. If the content you write is of good quality then obviously people will wait for your new blogs and so in order to get notified they will subscribe your page. And so, it can generate a lot of leads also.

Media and press

You take some time to see the comments of press on your content and company as it will decide the reputation of your company in a society. You should see what other are talking about your company. It is because your reputation is a big way to measure your content marketing strategy. If your content is good, people will praise you and this will increase your respect in the market.

Revenue (ultimate profit)

The profit you earn with your content is the big proof of the success of your content marketing strategy. If your company has earned a good amount of profit through leads, social media, web traffic then obviously your content marketing strategy is good. If not so huge amount of revenue is received through the various sources then you need to improve your content marketing strategy a bit.

Measuring your content marketing strategy will help you in making the desired changes that will establish you in the field of content marketing.

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