Valentine’s Day Marketing Ideas: 5 Tactics For Restaurants, Food Chains

Valentine’s Day marketing ideas, if carefully planned, give huge advantages to restaurants and food chains. It’s a day of love when most of the love birds like to spend time together and for this purpose, they need a proper place. A place where they can talk, eat and enjoy themselves. The restaurants and food chains should be fully prepared for this purpose. They should do all the necessary arrangements which are required for this festival. Some of the Valentine’s Day marketing ideas that will help you to make a lot of profit are listed below:


It’s necessary for a restaurant to increase its visibility during valentine’s day season. People mostly search online, the restaurants and food courts they want to dine in. So, you should form good connections with people on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. You should mention words like popular, attractive, romantic in your content marketing article and then upload it on your webpage. As these are the keywords which people search for while looking for their perfect dream restaurant.

Special offers

Valentine’s Day marketing ideas also include special offers for all the customers that choose your restaurant or food court over your competitor’s. After all, all are your customers whether it is a couple or single you need to give all of them special attention that day. At your food court, there should be  discount offers or you can even give a small valentine’s day gift to your customers! This will help you in attracting customers. And will increase your customer base throughout the year.

Love Stories

You have to start working on this idea in this season. You just have to ask people about their love stories that started at your restaurant. And trend it on the social media channels with ‘hashtag #’. This will help you a lot in attracting customer’s attention towards your food court. You can also take contracts of that day i.e you just need to take bookings previously and manage a dream date for couples. You can make their romantic destination perfect by serving them awesome food and beautiful romantic music. And yes you can also ask those couples to share their views on networking sites.

Form Connections

You should form connections with some parlors and gift shops. This means that you should form a connection with companies where a person may go before and after visiting your restaurant. A person may want to go to a parlor or a gift shop on valentine’s day before coming to your food court. So by forming connections with them, you can attract plenty of customers at your place. Because they will suggest your restaurant’s name to their customers too.

Special Menu

You should also add a column in your menu as Valentine’s Day special. In that, you can keep special puddings, pies, cupcakes etc. You can also keep exotic ice-creams and mocktails under this section. This idea will bring many customers to you.

So these are some Valentine’s Day marketing ideas that will be helpful to you. In addition to this, decoration according to valentine’s day theme, romantic background music are also very much necessary.

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