Why Use Long Tail Keywords To Rank Higher In Search Results

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In this day and age when your content is released at the same platform as technological giants as Facebook or Google, chances are no matter how eye catching your content is, it will fail to make as much impact as you would have hoped it would.

Keeping this in mind, content marketers have found a way to make the content from emerging content writers relevant and at the same time, give them a method of gaining decent revenue from it. Enter long tail keywords. This is a smart way of giving users a chance to rank higher in search results.

Using long tail keywords to rank up is done in this way: While creating content for web pages, you must consider including long tail keywords. For example, if you are writing a blog post for your web design service business and choosing keywords “web design” or “web design services” chances are that your content will not make it to the top pages using these keywords. But if you are focusing on long tail keyword strategy, it can help you rank better. Have a look:

“Web designer”

“Web design services”

Long tail variations

  • Web design services in India
  • Web design services in Madhya Pradesh
  • Web design services in Ujjain
  • Web designer in India
  • Web Designer in Madhya Pradesh
  • Web Designer in Ujjain

If you will observe the above keywords, they are more specific and whenever a person will try to search a web design service provider in Ujjain or in any given location, there are chances that the blog or web pages containing these keywords will rank higher.

The same can be experimented with multiple keywords as well. And the competition for long tail keywords is also very less. So it is better if you use long tail keywords. All you need to do is to perform a keyword research that can help you come up with new keyword ideas.

This means your content will be assessed as highly relevant and the quality of your content will be able to grab the attention of your readers. However, you should keep in mind that your content should not be filled with keywords but, given the demand, such targeting is very helpful for those who are new to content marketing.

As a content marketer, when you try and bid for a keyword for online advertising, chances are that you will be face heavy competition. Focusing on long-tail keywords to rank makes it easier as not many people will bid for those keywords. This means that your cost per click for such keywords will be reduced greatly.

When using long tail keywords to rank, content writers have to define what their keywords reflect to their audience in detail.

With all these advantages, finding long tail keywords to rank seems like the viable option for publishers. In order to maximize on this, search for the relevant keywords that make your content relevant to your webpage. Ultimately, people will flock to see what you have to in store for them.

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