How To Use Live Chat To Increase Conversion Ratio

A person who has gone to a standard apparels showroom with the full intention of buying clothes would definitely like someone from the customer relations department to tend to him. And as a matter of fact, it is a prerequisite in such esteemed showrooms, for the attendants to possess a keen fashion sense and to keep it updating. So it is the duty of the company’s management to attach an attendant to a prospective customer who has stepped in. The attendant guides them in the process of buying, complements them and ultimately has to coerce them into buying. Thus the main aim of these attendants is to increase the conversion ratio.

Now what we mean by this example is that there is always some external factor that helps to attain the ultimate goal – To increase conversion ratio. Be it this attendant who tries to achieve the goal with glib discussions or an insurance policy agent who can bring anyone into their talks. The importance of these unsung people is very high. And if we are discussing talks and chats, one just can’t forget to mention about live chats, right? The face of the company, who resides online and asks- “Hello, how may I help you?”

So let’s discuss here in this post the concept of live chat and how can it be used to our advantage.

Soft Skills, An Important Asset

Sometimes even if you are offline, your live chat team is still up and running. So, they represent the company to the prospective customers who come to the website. So your team must be trained in soft skills so that they know how to talk amiably with customers. Ranging from handling infuriated customers or just some curious inquisitors.

Be Expressive

Everyone likes being adored and flattery is a common human weakness. So if a live chat attendant wishes to increase conversion ratio in favor of the company, they must give ears to the customers and empathize with them. That will not only endear the attendant to the heart of the customer but also impart a credibility to his words in the mind of the customer. And this will undoubtedly help to increase the conversion ratio.

Proactive Instead of Reactive

The people who are browsing your website may not be having a query or might not have a proper knowledge of the ideals and views your company holds. So it is the duty of your live chat team, to ping them with a message before them. It’s just like the showroom attendant who come on their own to assist people, as in the introductory example. In this way, you can broadcast yourself in a better way.

And when the on-site response team, drops a message, it gives an impression that this company cares about the people and this knowledge develops a mutual respect in the mind of the person, thus assisting in achieving an increase in conversion ratio.

Remain on Solid Grounds, Not In The Air

When you talk to a customer or a simple visitor, try to build a relation with them first. And make sure of this that the live chat team never makes commitments that they won’t be able to manage or uphold. If a fallacious commitment is made and is almost impossible to be fulfilled, then there would be a tremendous loss of credibility for the company. One which could have been avoided.

Thus, it is a wonderful asset, this concept of live chat. With judicious use, it can be considered as a top marketing strategy that generates leads, increases public awareness, and increases the goodwill of the company. These benefits on coming together will lead to an increase in conversion ratio.

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