11 Unbeatable Ways To Get More Visitors To Your Website

Many business owners feel that the life is against them when it comes to marketing their brand in digital world. 99.9999% companies don’t have the same budgets as their big competitors, nor do they have the massive team that can work for them to get more visitors to their website. We’re often asked by people “how can a business, against great opportunities, stand out and beat the competitors? OR simply they ask “How can I get more visitors to my website?” This article tells you how you can enhance your brand visibility and gain more attention from people and search engines in less time. The online marketing methods you’ll read here are unbeatable. If you want to get more visitors to your site, then you are at the right place. I am not giving any timeframe here because the results depend on how effectively you approach these methods. If you properly prioritize your goals and construct a solid strategy, you can see the improvements within a few days or even in less time than that. If you want to see it in action for your brand, you can plan your strategy with the help of the methods I’m sharing here with you or you can get in touch with me here to make it happen.

So, here I’m sharing some of the most effective online marketing methods that you can use to get more visitors immediately.

1. Spend more time on titles and headlines

Whether you are planning to create an ad, blog post or any piece of content, 8 out of 10 people will judge your content by reading the headline. Yes, this is a harsh reality of marketing. Nobody cares to open and red the whole content if the headline doesn’t catch the attention. If you are already experiencing the same, spend more time on crafting catchy headlines. This way, you can grab attention and drive people to your website. Whether you are writing a blog post or putting ads on social media and other websites, a good headline can make it, shake it or break it.

2. Quality blogging will never disappoint you

Yes, you read it right. If you have a good blog, it will help you get more visitors, loyal customers and regular readers. At ContentPlant, we love experimenting with digital marketing tactics. We ran an experiment on one of our websites; we increased the number of blog posts from once per week to twice per week and after two weeks, we again increased the numbers making it one blog every day. We were confident that the results will be surprising and ultimately when we compared the traffic, we saw a 400 percent increase in traffic. This is not the only example, there are many companies who have increased their blogging and their blogs get more visitors and leads as well.

3. Contribute Content

At this point, you may be thinking “why would I create content for someone else?” Personally, I do not like the idea of contributing articles to random websites. In most of the cases, such contribution doesn’t give you the results you are expecting. Contributing to other websites is definitely a great way to gain exposure for your brand and it helps you get more visitors to your website. But as mentioned earlier in this post, do not contribute to any random site. There are a large number of article directories available on the internet, but, submitting your content to these websites is not a good practice. Even Google doesn’t appreciate this method. Quality always beats the quantity, so contribute to reputed websites and major media publications. You may not see the immediate enquiries but, your contribution can bring you a great positive change. Referral traffic from such valuable sources is a great engine for some of our clients and they get more visitors through contribution.

If you have never contributed to a website, the first and the most important thing I would like to say is: Start with small media sites and keep working on improving your content creation skills. Not all the content creators are born talented. The more you practice, the more your skills will improve.

I like exploring both the sides of each practice. Contribution is of course a good idea, but sometimes when you contribute to websites, you may feel duped. When you create something awesome but the publishers disapprove your contribution, it hurts and it hurts very badly. Sometimes, contributors do not even get backlinks to their websites which is one of the major reasons people contribute to the websites. No backlinks means your contribution may not help you the way you expect. So, when you choose a platform to contribute your work, make sure you are getting something in return. I may sound mean, but let’s think from a different perspective – as a business owner or manager, your time is really important. If you contribute content to a website and get nothing in return, there is no point in doing it. You are just improving their website’s health without getting exposure your company deserves. If this is the case, then I would suggest you creating and publishing content on your own website. It will not only help you get more visitors, but it will also help you establish yourself as a thought leader.

4. Consider SEO

Spending time on your website’s search engine optimization always pays off. First of all I would like to make it very clear that nobody can guarantee 1st rank in organic search. Whether it is Google or any other search engines, you cannot buy top position by any means. So, if any content marketing company tells you that they can give you guaranteed 1st rank, it is a strong signal that they don’t know SEO and you should beware of them.

Search engine optimization is a great method to get more visitors to your website. Search Engine Optimization is constantly changing and if you are doing it yourself, you must keep yourself updated with the latest trends. Make sure your website looks great to your audience and when search engine robots crawl. Perform a SEO Audit and make changes accordingly. It will help you focus on major and minor areas that can boost your website rank and get more visitors.

5. Build a subscriber base

You may see contradictory views on email marketing. Many people say that email marketing is dead and you’ll also find people who still count email marketing in one of the major marketing tools. Email marketing is not dead and it works perfectly for a large number of companies. You can get more visitors to your blog by using email marketing. To drive traffic from email content, you need to build a good email list.

To do that, put a subscription form on your website for newsletter sign up. But, to make sure that people will subscribe, you will need to publish informative content. Publish informative and engaging content regularly. Putting a subscription form on your website is very easy and it doesn’t require long time. Create a simple but attractive subscription form. If you find any difficulties, you can contact our team to help you build a subscriber base.

6. Automate Emails

If you see the percentage, you’ll find that a very less number of companies use automation. But as mentioned above, engaging emails can help your company get more visitors to your business website. Small companies can beat big players with strategic email automation. If you are not using automation due to the high cost of marketing automation platforms, there are a few good automation solutions available at lower cost too. Or if you are like me who believes that humans are better marketer than machines then you can find a reliable partner, like our company, that can help you save several thousand dollars on marketing solutions.

7. Promote your content on social media

If you want to get more visitors, you should not ignore the power of social media. If your company has a huge army of active fans and followers on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, this means that your posts may reach more people without spending. But, you can not completely rely on your fan base and you should put a little money to gain popularity and reach for your posts. It is always good to keep a campaign running on social media channels. But make sure you are not making costly mistakes. A social media marketing campaign needs strategy. Make sure your company is equipped with the right social media marketing strategy. Ultimately, you’ll want to get more visitors for the money you invest.

8. Integrate your email list into Facebook & Twitter

I have suggested a method above that supports building email list. Here I’m showing you how you can use that list to connect those subscribers with your brand on Facebook and Twitter. You can breathe life to your email list with Facebook and Twitter. Do not bombard your customer’s inbox; upload the list into Facebook or your Twitter account. You can use this attached list to market your products and services to the users.

Today, some of the marketing platforms provide you with remarketing services. Whether you are in B2C or B2B industry, remarketing can be a great promotional tool for you. Both Facebook and Twitter offer remarketing features. If you are on Facebook, putting a Facebook Tracking Pixel can help you remarket to those who have visited your website. If you are using Twitter, the method is not very different, simply create and put the pixel in your website to track. Both the platforms have different minimum audience count for remarketing. Facebook allows you with 100 visitors while Twitter needs at least 500 users.

9. Use Twitter Cards

As we all keep thinking about new ways to get more visitors, Twitter Cards can be a great tool for your website. Twitter Cards are the larger tweets that allow you to have call to action buttons built into the tweet and they incorporate images. Make sure you are using Twitter cards because tweets with images gain more engagement than the text variants.

10. Create a poll or quiz

Many platforms allow you to create polls and quizzes. These methods work great in engaging people and you can get more visitors to your website. You can put quizzes on your blog posts and you can also use them for marketing new products. Polls are a great way to understand what your audience needs. It helps you connect with your customers and you can collect their feedbacks too. Such activities create a great bond between the consumers and the company.

11. Host a virtual event

No matter in which industry you are, there are many things you are good at. I’m sure that if you start speaking on those topics, people will definitely take interest in listening to you. All you need to do is to choose the right topic, target the right audience and the right mode of communication such as webcast or webinar etc.

And if you feel like you won’t be able to present in front of camera, consider podcast. Be consistent and let your expertise flow. Recently we experimented with several people and found that many people feel like they are talking to walls when they start off.

When you start, you may feel like nobody is listening to you. But if you create podcasts and promote properly, I’m sure you’ll get a great audience base, you may find new leads and you’ll get more visitors to your website. If you want to take a big step, invite someone who is popular enough and has a good fan following. But be careful about whom you invite, you know what I mean.

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