3 Steps To Find Plenty of Great Topic Ideas For Your Content

There are two kinds of marketers: Those who think they can create content, and those who think they can’t. Very often, both are wrong. Creating great content is all about the interest and passion for creating something awesome within the creative limits. When marketers think about creating content, the major challenges for many of them are: topic ideas and information. Without topic ides there will be no content, and as a result there will be no content marketing. Marketers often ask “What should I write about now?”

That’s a common problem, but, should be handled properly. When you have no topic ideas, it’s terrifying. And sometimes, people are often left staring at their computer screens knowing that they should publish something good, but unable to find out exactly what. That’s why I’m publishing this detailed guide on how you can get more topic ideas to start creating content for your website. If you read this guide and follow the instructions, you’ll definitely come up with great topic ideas for your content creation needs. Don’t give up if you come up with common or dull ideas in the beginning, give yourself at least 10 minutes after reading this post. I’m sure you’ll be able to develop amazing titles, headlines and topic ideas for your next article, infographics or whatever you want to develop.

PREPARATION – Get Equipped With The Tools That Will Help You Come Up With Topic Ideas

Sit where you feel comfortable.

First of all create a peaceful, relaxing environment around yourself. Eliminate the distractions and get started. Many people find it hard to think in front of their computer screen. If you like the paper and pen strategy, then go ahead. Get a notebook, piece of paper or your diary and a pen or pencil. Rest assured that once you’ll finish reading this article, you’ll come up with great topic ideas. Since our goal at this point is to increase the speed while maintaining the efficiency, you can take help of tools such as Evernote, Google Drive, Wunderlist. It doesn’t matter which method you use to capture thoughts.

Think new ideas.

Once you are ready with the pen and paper or your computer, tell yourself to start writing. No, you are not going to write the topic ideas now, but you are ready to build something awesome. Think about the ideas. Start from thinking about your company. Think your company as a whole. Include everyone, all the products and services you offer. Here it is about being specific. Write something which is specific.

Let me show you an example from one of my ebooks:

how to come up with topic ideas

PRACTICE – Bringing Your Topic Ideas on Paper.

When you define time for tasks, you become more productive and focused. Knowing that clock will hit the time motivates you do more. But, if you feel that you aren’t motivated enough, you need a solid boost. Set your timer for 30 minutes.

In these 30 minutes you’ll write 20 topic ideas. No, you are not going to create random titles. I have prepared a list of questions for you. Read the questions, brainstorm and write down the titles. Boom.

1. Why your product/service is unique and matchless? If you are in a business, you might be selling something and you are hopefully confident about your product. Why people should buy it? Think of this question from an article point of view instead of giving a direct answer.

2. What has made you fall in love with your industry? Is there a certain part of your work that excites you more about working in this industry? What is your greatest strength in this industry? Why are you passionate about this industry?
Let’s take an example: If you ask me, content marketing is my passion. I know this job inside and out. It inspires me and I completely understand that content marketing is the most effective marketing technique companies can consider today. I am convinced with the fact that no other online marketing method can bring a bigger success than content marketing. It doesn’t mean that I should write something like “Why I like content marketing.” Or something like “Content marketing and me.” Instead, I will write something that is more useful for my clients and my business, for example “121 Content Marketing Tips That Can Work For (Almost) Every Business.” Or some guide on content marketing that can make people a better marketer.

3. How did you start the journey in your industry? If I’m not wrong, every company has a new story about how they started working in their industry. How did you get started? What lessons did you learn?
Here, you’ll need to add some personal touch in your writing. I have seen many people who are afraid of getting personal with their content. I believe and it is a fact that people love to hear real life stories, experiences and things about people and their work.

4. What are the major mistakes people make? Every business has its downsides. What are those elements in your industry?

5. What is the biggest challenge in your industry? What are the problems people face in your industry? If your content solves problem, people will love it. Provide answers and solutions with your content. Throw light on those challenges and solve the problems. Write something like “Fixing Problems” or “Overcoming the challenges” Now you’ve got an idea.

6. What do you use to complete the work? You can create a list and create a great article. What things do you use? A mobile phone, a PC, a notepad, storage devices, desk, paper, mobile apps or something else?

7. What is the biggest change or update in your industry? If you need some instant ideas, latest news in your industry that can bring a huge change in the way things happen can give your idea bank a solid boost.

8. What are the most amazing things in your industry? Every industry is different from the other, what keeps you motivated?

9. What are the skills needed to be at the top in your industry? You can create a list that may include top reasons, tips, advice and your own story if you have one.

10. Can you describe the 5W1H of your work? When, Where, What and How do you deliver quality? Why do you prefer the current work process? Who is doing what? Stories of your own company and people are perfect topic ideas. If you want to write an article that catches attention and gets shared, provide the answers.

PERFORMANCE – Finding The New Ways To Come Up With The Best Topic Ideas

I’m assuming that you’ve followed the instructions given above, and now you have more than 20 topic ideas. Now it is your turn to stay focused and look for new topic ideas without a guide. Create a list of leading blogs in your industry. Visit the websites, analyze their content. Keep notes about how do they categorize topic ideas, how frequently they update their posts and how different their topic ideas are from the others. You can also participate in ongoing discussions.

Check for evergreen topic ideas, news and updates. Keep a track of how do they divide their posts in different content formats. If you surf the internet and browse the content created by industry leaders, you’ll get an idea of how you should take your project forward.

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