Top 3 Lead Generation Ideas of The Week

Lead generation ideas refer to the ideas of cultivating and identifying customers for a business’s product or services. In this era of cut-throat competition, you need to have excellent marketing skills to find and develop more and more potential buyers of your product or service. This week I have got some innovative ideas that will help you to drag people towards your product.

The top 3 lead generation ideas of the week are:


This is the most efficient way of generating leads. It’s obvious that everyone likes to buy free goods. So, in this method, you have to supply a pop-up form that appears when a person is surfing your website and you have to keep a price for, say 1000 lucky customers.

In that pop-up advertisement form, you should provide a chance to the audience to give their number and email ID. And it should be mentioned that if their name comes in the lucky draw, they will surely win a prize. This method definitely generates great leads.

Quizzes and puzzles

This method is not so common, but if it is properly understood then it can attract many potential buyers towards your company. In this, you have to set up an interesting quiz or puzzle that revolves around your product.

To understand this better, we can take an example : Suppose you have to sell a party popper. So, in your quiz you should ask questions like –

How do you want to make your special one’s birthday more special?  Your options should be- a) offering a bouquet of roses or b) organising a birthday bash. You can see that the 2nd option is obviously sounds more interesting. And when the customer chooses the 2nd option, you should suggest him about buying your party popper. You can see that this can prove to be a really good way of generating leads.


Newsletter in the online form of newspaper. This concept tells you to form a newsletter and ask people to subscribe it in case they want regular updates from you. The number of subscribers are directly related to the amount of your hard work. So if you want plenty of subscribers, you need to focus on the content of your newsletter.

You should see that whether the headline of your content is appropriate or not or the content is unique as well as simple or not. You should frequently update your subscribers by sending them mails.

These are some latest ideas that will make your company famous amongst the potential buyers of your product. I am sure that you can grab the attention of millions of people by following these simple tips.

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