Tips For Naming Your Business When Each Name You Like Is Taken

Naming your business is a very tough task. As there are lots of startups nowadays, it is very difficult to find a name of your choice. You should name your business wisely as  the whole future of your business depends on its name.

Here are some tips which may prove helpful to you in naming your business. The tips are as follows:

Find a kooky name

Since every single name you like is taken by one or the other startups. So, you may find it difficult to find a name that has a meaning and is related to your business. In that case you can also pick up random kooky names. You don’t need to find a word with a meaning, it can be random but make sure that it is easy to spell. This will also create your unique place in your audience’s mind.

Still Relatable

If you are doing something unique then a random name can be perfect for you but if you are doing some sort of traditional work then you may end up confusing your audience. So if you are doing a traditional job then try to keep some relevant name only. Your name may not give the complete idea about your company’s work but at least should suggest anything in the direction of it.

Domain Name

When you choose a brand name, you must check whether a domain name is available for the same or not. Many times, people consider a .com domain as the top most priority. However the TLD is important and plays a vital role in SEO, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that a .com should be your choice always. If your preferred domain is not available with .com you can try .net, .org or any region specific domains such as .in, .au, etc. For example : Watermark is a company, its domain name can be waterma.rk. So you can see that it is not necessary for you to run after .com to make your business website successful.

You can go for a change

Naming your business is a huge task but renaming it is a much bigger task than that. But if you are sure that the name you liked once is not working well for the benefits of your company. So, in that case don’t feel shy to change it, but you should also make sure that you have a valid reason behind this change. You should also be able to express your audience the complete reason so that they can accept the change.

Don’t allow people to joke about you

Even if all the names that you like are taken by some or the other companies, still you should not keep a name so that other people may joke about you. In order to create a unique and special name don’t end up making a fool of yourself. You can also use other languages to keep your business name, but be sure to check the literal meaning of that word. When you are keeping a random name then make sure that, that particular word doesn’t have an embarrassing meaning in other languages.

Thus, you have now got plenty of ideas that what you should do when all the names you like are taken by some or the other startups. Feel free to share if you have any doubts, I will try my best to solve them.

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