Things Not To Do When Writing Content for a Startup

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As a content writer, it is not every day that a startup company would ask you to develop content for their merchandise. In this way, you have taken the first step in achieving a great feat by yourself and you deserve a pat on the back. Then you realize that there are a lot of things that can go wrong when you try your hand in writing content for a startup.

In more ways than one, amateur content writers will do a number of avoidable mistakes that will severely damage the reputations of both the startup and the content writer. Your task is to make sure that you do not commit these errors knowingly or unknowingly.

Some of the errors that can put a startup into jeopardy when writing content are:

Keyword stuffing

Although it is a good idea to have a number of keywords that will help in SEO, it is risky to add too many keywords within the content. The search engine’s analytics will be able to spot content that is overloaded with unnecessary keywords.

To avoid this, you should put related and adequate keywords that will give your content a strong definition and at the same time, make your client stick to the topic at hand. Major algorithms such as Google Analytics reward those who have well-meaning keywords that can attract readers by giving those content a higher rank.

Being the sheep

Even though there are a variety of topics to talk about and the variety of angles that each content can cover, people just go with the flow and talk about the same topic with the same perspective.

Readers who are looking for uniqueness will be discouraged by going through repetitive sites and this will undermine the quality of your work.

In this way, the best way to maximize the number of viewers you can attract when writing content for a startup is to be original, interesting and being true to your content.

Shun feedback / take your audience for granted

The best support that a content writer can get is from the feedback that they get from the audience that supports their work.  Therefore, it is not wise to bite the hand that feeds you.  

Content writers who do not listen to the useful tips that their supporters give them are bound to lose their valuable audience that they tried so hard to attract.

Whenever you are writing content for anyone, be it a startup or for yourself, you should remember that each audience is a jewel that takes ages to get but seconds to lose.

Doing second-hand work

You can tell a lot about a content writer by the way they write. Taking this into consideration, those who write unappealing work with a lot of grammatical errors are bound to lose their audience faster than they gained them.

On the other hand, those who plagiarize content from reputed content writers are bound to be spotted by the search engine’s analytics and this will have severe repercussions on both you and the startup that you have written for.

Originality has its own reward that every content writer can achieve if they put their heart and soul to the work that they do.

All in all, whenever you are writing content for anyone, a business, a startup or even for yourself, you should always look at who you intend to write to and how you want to capture them. Writing content is not as easy as it sounds but when perfected, the content will reflect how efficiently you can inspire people and this will last for ages to come.

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