Things To Include In Your Company Brochure

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The brochure of your company actually represents your company in front of the public. The brochure should be perfectly designed and should contain all the valuable information about your company in a crisp manner. It is a way of advertising about your company, and so the brochure should be attention grabbing. The things that are really necessary to be included in your company brochure are as follows :


What are you making your brochure for? Whether it is for the promotion of an event or for advertising a new product? You should clearly state the purpose of making that brochure. You should not leave them thinking that what it is for. Instead they should get to know the exact message of your brochure. The message should be short and simple, without any sort of confusions. Use easy words, so that maximum people can get aware of the purpose of your brochure.

Contact information

It is very necessary to include your contact info in your brochure. As it is the only way through which your potential buyers can reach you. You should give one or two contact numbers, email address, and the details of social media accounts (if any) of your company. Mention as many contact details as you can so that a large number of people can reach out to you easily.

Compelling pictures

There should be pictures related to the nature of your company in your brochure. The images should be so good so as to convince your audience to believe that your company is reliable and will give them good results. The pictures should be able to give the complete idea of your business to the public. And of course the pictures should be of high quality, so that the customers can clearly see it. You should also check that whether the words, if any on the picture, are clearly visible or not.

Call for Action

Don’t leave it upto the audience to decide what they have to do after reading that brochure. Because if you will do that the people will end up ignoring or throwing your brochure here and there. So, to avoid your company brochure becoming a useless piece of paper, you have to provoke your audience for taking action. For example you can write : ‘call now’ or ‘for further information dial’ or ‘pick up your phone and visit our website now.’

Date and time

For promoting an event you should write the date and time to avoid confusion. And if you are advertising about your company, mention the exact working hours of it. If you are having online business then mention it too.

These are some things that are required for making a company brochure. These things will stimulate the public’s reaction towards your company. So, make sure to include these essential elements in your brochure.

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