These Brands Failed So Hard And Credit Goes To Their Copywriters

Copywriters are the king of their kingdom, they are the pillars of any brand. They are capable of destroying the brand name or to create a successful new beginning for a startup like a back support to any organization. The realistic content is the only way to portray a feel of any product which can induce positive vibes in the mind of readers. Reader mind is like a tangled wire which is needed to be untangled by engaging the reader in the words written by the copywriter.

The copywriter has the power to possess someone in the matter of his own creativity which one has earned by the knowledge and experience. It is always a challenge to optimize and analyze the topic to work on it giving a revitalizing feel to the readers, here copywriters have the trick to make it better by presenting an aura in the content which makes a reader feel that they are the one it is written for. Some of the brands are listed below which failed due to their copywriters:


One of the leading fried chicken brands in the world was struggling in late 80’s when KFC established its first franchise in Beijing, china. With the slogan “finger licking good” translated in the wrong way portraying a very negative and unprofessional scenario to “Eat your fingers off” which hurt the brand name badly and forced to close over there.


Auto giant 4-wheel drive company FORD motors found that in Belgium the slang “every car has a high-quality body” is not going to turn up right decision to make a sale as after translation it evokes to be “every car has a high-quality corpse” which means the dead body in every car. This is how copywriters can push the venture into a deep pit.


It isn’t the messages that always reflect trouble sometimes it could be the name of the product and the slang. In 1970’s American motor launched its new midsize car named as “matador”. It strikes the meaning of the name as the killer machine which didn’t instill a great deal of honor and confidence in drivers.


Not every blunder has been limited to U.S. based companies. A Swedish vacuum maker company named by Electrolux got a striving terror when it introduces new products in the state. The company thinks that they were reflecting the vacuum high power by the slang “nothing sucks like an Electrolux” and it never took off in the state. As mentioned above copywriters are the backbone of any company, they can be referred to as the creator or destroyer of any organization.


In 2009 after upbringing its branch in U.S. the bank has to rebrand it tagline “assume nothing” after translation which comes out to be “Do nothing”. The scrap is done spending millions of dollars to change the tag line. Afterward, it was much more a friendly translation which hiked the business of the bank, the tagline says “the world’s private bank”.

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