Steps to a Google-Friendly Website: What the Leading Search Engine Expects From You

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When you look at some of the most popular websites, you tend to see that they have a way of attracting an audience before the customer even reaches their webpage. This is achieved when people send their queries on a search engine and choose the most relevant topic that they have searched for. In this way, when looking at the search engines, you would see Google outranking the others by a huge margin. For this reason, many web developers are trying to make their websites more Google-friendly.

In this way, you are able to see a positive correlation between the popularity of a website and how the content developers make a Google-friendly website.

Make your website easily accessible

There is a lot to be said when you want to attract customers. The best way is to make your webpage easier to access is by having a decent number of internal links and a well-structured content. In this way, Google’s algorithm will be able to pick it and this makes your content more visible to your customers.

Optimize the URL Structure

Having a small, precise and an easy to understand URL goes a long way in making your website Google-friendly. Not only does it make it easier for the search engine to find your content, but it also enables more users to get to your webpage with minimal difficulty. In this way, your website will be more accessible and at the same time, rank up your content which will generate more reviews.

Optimize the Page Speed Performance

Even the little things count when looking at a more Google-friendly webpage. People are more inclined to a page that is easier to load and it is a lot easier for the search engine analytics to spot and pick up web pages with a greater web content for a greater user experience. For you to make the most out of this, it is best advised to optimize your images and video content and make sure that you see if the website can be loaded efficiently.

Optimize the User Experience

For your website to be noticed by Google’s search engine, you should design your content in such a way that it is able to draw a crowd to your website. This can be done by making your content as engaging as possible for the general customers. You can make sure that your web page will be more Google-friendly if you make your content engaging, interactive and at the same time well-meaning. In this way, you know that your works will be picked up by the search engine to rank up in the system.

All in all, in order to make your website a Google-friendly website, you should put yourself in the shoes of a reader and tell yourself how you can make your content more user-friendly. In this way, you are not only looking at how to get a better rank through Google’s Search Engine Optimization but at the same time, looking out for your devoted readers. This will make your content more enjoyable and people will be kept wanting for more.

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