Startup Marketing Lessons: Why Giving Your 100% Is the Only Road To Success

You may see Arnold Schwarzenegger in his youth and drool all over his body. After this, you can resort to two courses of action. Either go and hit the gym with 100% dedication or remain the couch potato that you are and increase the layer of blubber on your belly. And even if you hit the gym, you’re going to go nowhere unless you really adapt your body for the hard work. A proper diet, an appropriate work routine, and an equally fitting attitude is a must. You should be internally motivated to whack up the weights and not by being forced.

Analogous is the case if you are an entrepreneur and you have an infant startup to your credit. You can get startup marketing lessons by sitting anywhere across the globe. But unless you yourself adopt the pain of elevating your startup from the rags to the stars, no one will. An entrepreneur is like married to his work, his startup. And making a girlfriend would count as extramarital affairs. That’s the level of dedication required in a startup.

So without letting further time pass by, let’s open the gates on today’s topic and deliver Startup marketing lessons to our budding entrepreneurs as well.

Why giving your 100% is the only road to success?

Forging contacts

If you are always in the run for the betterment of your business venture then you are likely to meet some people who have consolidated their position in the business world. If you are genuine and true to your field, they might develop a liking for you and help you elevate your venture. Getting such angel figures would help you a lot and this can be achieved only if you are always on your toes.

Getting the limelight

This is all about publicity. Working your fingers to the bone would make your presence felt in your dominion. And no one gets harmed by good publicity. Doing good deeds would fetch you this acknowledgment. What matters is your perseverance and resolve to keep on the good work that brought you into the good books of people. And never let minor successes intoxicate you, this is one of the most essential startup marketing lessons.

Sense of belongingness

If you are an entrepreneur, people will look up to you to set an example for others to follow. You will provide employment to people in your startup, for sure. But you must keep this in the back of your mind that the main reason motivating them and you is different. They are working for you because of the fat wad of cash they get paid and you are there for your life’s work. So unless and until you work day in and out, they would never want to take any discomfort.

The hare and the tortoise, remember?

Something that really makes you say, Old is gold. The age old story of the hare and the tortoise is best suited in this context where the tortoise wins the race. And that is why startup marketing lessons will always urge you to weave in fluidity and regularity in your work ethics. Unless and until you are not willing to work continuously and wish to procrastinate, someone who is more sincere would beat you to the race. The race to be on the top and gain success in the market.

So it can be seen that one can always get startup marketing lessons from various sources, but nothing is going to help unless they step up their game. You might find staying motivated really hard, but then, every entrepreneur feels the same. Do something that makes you have an edge over them. Carve out your niche and always stay hungry for knowledge. Because in this world, knowledge is power and one who wields power, has the world.

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