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The revolution has already arrived. Your company’s social media profile, posts and your personal profile, too—can be a great place to establish yourself as a thought leader. If not managed properly, it can be a symbol of unprofessionalism, unresponsiveness, laziness, and disengagement.

Simply broadcasting marketing messages is no longer a single strategy available for branding. Throwing marketing messages at your audience is not advisable if your client has made the effort of including you in their social life. Today, it is important to give out engaging stories, right advice and information that are of genuine use.

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Making the most of every channel

Stand out and lead the conversation

Social media channels are the game changer. It’s obvious that social media will continue to have a major impact in future. Brands now have the ability to reach out and exchange thoughts on a personal level with their audience. A great opportunity for businesses engaged in product sales, marketing and other activities. Social media is powerful and has never been available with traditional methods of marketing.

Today, customer journey doesn’t stop at the sale. People love to stay connected and appreciate the on-going conversation with brands. Our social media management team focuses on engagement and brand advocacy. With the right strategy we fuel communication across the social landscape, delivering pleasurable experiences for your audiences and greatest exposure for your brand.

Community Management

Right person, right time

Our team of content creators and social media specialists work with you to boost your brand’s presence in social landscape. We create and publish content that resonates, provokes thoughts for your brand and engages people. And we do it quickly, leaving no space for people to move on.

Managing and monitoring social media campaigns and community can be incredibly time-consuming. That’s why ContentPlant uses proven tactics to make it work effectively. Using our team’s expertise and digital solutions reduce the time involved in social media community management whilst still keeping the quality and ability to interact with more people as much as possible.

We’re very aware of the need to work with compliance and legal terms of course, we’re also ready to work with your internal team and just provide input into content creation and social media strategy.

Content Creation

At ContentPlant, we know that developing content for social media channels is about making sure that your content is informative, entertaining, and useful. It’s equally important that the content you publish on social media should reflect your brand story. That is why we never create social media content away from your brand’s content strategy. We create content ensuring that we identify areas of interest that your brand can talk about with power and authority, without appearing to be a hard-try.

The ContentPlant’s creative team is made up of journalists, writers, designers and strategists who are dedicated to finding the most suitable digital solutions for your brand. Our writing and editorial team succeeds on crafting brilliant content that will mesmerize your audience.

Your opinions, ideas and interests are always heard. If you have a vision for your brand, that’s amazing, we will give it a shape. If you are finding a vision, that’s cool – our team of strategists is here to plan and deliver the best possible content marketing strategy for you.

Identifying the most suitable channels

How do we identify the right social channels for your brand? We spent time in identifying audience for different businesses; it is a part of our process of finding your brand story. The process enables us to know which social channels work out. We never miss considering your audience while thinking about the content and we also focus on those unique opportunities that are offered by different social media channels, to tell your brand story in best way possible.


When we create content, it means that we are accountable for the performance. Along with the editorial calendars we have created a “News-board” that helps us stay updated with the trending subjects to keep the content more relevant. Some of our clients have made it a routine to check what’s trending on our News-board before one o’ clock in the afternoon. By discussing those things with our client, we develop the content accordingly. We are hardworking, flexible, relevant and punctual.

A flair for virality

What’s better than having people share your content? At ContentPlant we strive to craft content your audience will like to share. We work to craft something amazing every day and it’s something we’re pretty good at.

Amplification- driving engagement and delivering leads

Want to get it displayed again and again? That’s where ContentPlant’s social media team comes in. We know what is making more buzz so that we create and monitor the performance of great content and boost it in the right way taking the content in front of right people, on right time and devices.

Monitoring & Insights

We measure and analyse the success of social media activities performed by us for all the clients. At the same time we optimize the content and campaign accordingly to make sure every single effort makes sense and drives result. Tracking the performance at content level, looking at the campaign performance that helps in determining whether the whole strategy worked or not. And at what level the strategy is working when compared to the valuation. The process is on-going because it is really very important to stay active when working on social channels.

Let them get talking about your stuff.