Social Media Marketing In 2017: What’s Important?

Social media marketing is the current trend of the business world. Many businesses and startup companies make their profile on various social networking channels to popularize themselves and to expand their reach. Social media marketing is now considered as the most important tool of marketing.

It is the mandatory for all the business companies to make their presence on sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest etc. in order to get people’s attention. It’s important to see to what extent this social media marketing can go in the year 2017.

Some important points to notice are as follows:

Live videos

Live videos will grow at a rapid speed this year. Most of the people use this technique to promote their brands. From a celebrity to a brand ambassador, everyone is shooting live videos to engage public with them. One should just keep in mind the time at which he is going live. One should select a time at which most of the people would be free to watch that video. If you will go live at midnight no one will watch it. The correct time to go live depends on your target audience.

Messenger apps

Brands will depend more on messenger apps in the year 2017. This will enable them to form a personal connection with all their customers. And this will also change the entire way of customer service. The brands will make their presence on the messenger apps and people can ask their queries by messaging them and they will reply them. By this quick answerability the customers will feel connected with the company and they will be able to easily rely on it.


The companies now a days are investing a lot of resources in e-business. And many of the surveys prove that most of the people use social networking channels for shopping. People follow the brands on social media in order to stay in touch with the brand and it’s latest products. By following them they get to know the whole details of the products sometimes even before the launch. So this trend will also grow this year.

360° Videos

It is important to see how far this 360° trend will go. It brings people a step closer to virtual reality. It is a way of giving an immersive experience to the audience. Brands are now moving towards  this new and innovative way of marketing. 360° videos will prove to be a good method of marketing as it seems interesting to the audience.

Snapchat to Instagram

One important thing to notice in this year is that most of the people are shifting from snapchat to Instagram as Instagram launched the option of story. According to some sources it is said that within a week when the option of story was released by Instagram, many people left snapchat and started sharing stories on Instagram. It would be interesting to see that would snapchat be able to recover its loss.

These are some of the important points to notice in 2017 about social media marketing. Let’s see how much the social marketing will develop this year.

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