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On average Google processes over 70,000 search queries every second and over 20 percent of these searches are about location. It clearly means that local and small businesses are being searched more than ever. Even if you look at Google’s own data, the company says that each day, their location related pages are viewed millions of times. Running a small business has its own benefits. Small business SEO can make a tremendous difference in how many visitors you gain.

Mobile search is absolutely rising. Search queries on mobile primarily pull the results from location-based search data. Even in the search queries performed through PC don’t have to be specified for a location because the results are tailored for users’ their location.

What this means for your website and business: With Small business SEO, you can unlock your company’s potential to attract new visitors. Your small team can do a lot in small amount of time compared to your big competitors.

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Small Business SEO is Different Than you Think

Building for users, not for search engines

It is a given that small business SEO services and search engines will play an important role in the future of your website and business. Once you grasp what people in your target market are looking, you can more effectively attract new customers and retain your website visitors.

When users type a query into a search box and visit your website, will they be able to find what they are looking for? This is the most important question that search engines try to answer. And they do this millions of time each day. For small businesses that have a limited number of products and services to offer, the search engines’ primary job is to serve most relevant results. If you’re using a static website or working with a certain set of products, you must ask yourself what people want from your and how effectively your website is ranking for their search queries.

For small businesses and startups, the internet as a whole, and SEO in particular, are among the most effective ways to reach target consumers and build a strong business presence.

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How to Win Against Bigger Businesses

Set the right strategy & get there

Over the past several years, people have created so many theories about how small business SEO or startup SEO works.  It causes confusion about what SEO strategy is required to perform well.

The simple answer to all the questions is this: Search engines are designed to answer your queries. When a person types something into the search box, the search engine returns only the relevant and useful results and it ranks those results according to the website’s popularity. Our SEO strategy for small businesses is simple – we focus on both popularity and relevance. This is how we bring you the results you desire and what search engines want to see.

Why Us

Take a look at any successful SEO campaign and you’ll find the answer to why you need a reliable SEO company.

We Know How To Get The Success Rolling In

Search engines recommend many things to make your website SEO friendly and gain more visitors. We follow all the guidelines. We make sure that your website’s pages are primarily being published for users, and at the same time they are serving what search engines need.

Search engine algorithms are smart and when you’re with the right small business SEO  company, your website wouldn’t look like it is deceiving users or presenting different content to users and search engines. Deceiving users means loss in business and deceiving search engines means a huge risk to your brand’s online presence.

We know what we do in our small business SEO services. With ContentPlant, you can see the SEO process working because we believe in maintaining complete transparency, on-time reporting, and clear information. You’ll love it when you’ll see SEO working for your business.

We don’t tell, we show

You take ContentPlant’s small business SEO services and from the day one, we show you what we have done in the past, what we have achieved so far, what we are doing, and how we do it. There’s no place for hiding facts, unless we are bound by contracts or mutual agreements.

After understanding your business from your, our and target customer’s point of views, we create road maps to achieve SEO success. We keep you posted about the progress as we release weekly, fortnightly, and monthly activity reports. If you want daily reports like some of our clients, feel free to ask for it and we will let you know what we have been doing.

We keep transparency, your business goals, your brand’s message, and our best skills at the core of our small business SEO services, and you will feel it when you sign up for our services.

Our team of SEO experts includes people who have studied digital marketing as a part of their higher education curriculum and have delivered results in real-world. At the end of the day, knowledge, skills, and proper training is what makes a professional an expert. We are proud to have some of the industry’s most talented search engine marketing experts, published authors, computer programming geniuses at ContentPlant.

We exist to deliver what you need and keep small businesses functioning through the power of SEO.

  • We are the only small business SEO company that talks about numbers, results, and activity reports with complete transparency. We give you the best your small business can ever achieve.
  • A small business SEO expert that works as an extension of your marketing team. After choosing ContentPlant, you can meet and communicate with your clients, investors, and employees with confidence.
  • Your business needs growth, our SEO team needs best results to keep moving. So, let’s talks about it now. Your ideas, our plans. Your dreams, our SEO strategy. Your needs, our online marketing solutions. Together we can do it.

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Startup SEO

When it comes to startup SEO and digital marketing for new and small businesses, only results matter. SEO is crucial for startups to drive web traffic organically. Search engines pay attention to the key phrases associated with your services and products. As an SEO agency, we make sure that your website can dominate the search space with relevant keywords and search engine friendly web pages.

Small business advantage

If you think that small businesses can’t win against big players, it’s time to think again. There’s nothing a startup or a small business can’t achieve. Big players in your industry maybe doing well in search marketing and they maybe having a lot of resources to dominate the rankings, but one thing they can’t change – how search engines work. We are masters in finding opportunities big competitors are missing or will never invest in. It’s time to go deeper and look for opportunities your competitors find hard to monetize. At ContentPlant, our startup SEO experts do that for you.

Static Websites SEO

Getting a professionally designed website is half the battle. If you already have a business website, make sure it’s easy to use, understand, and navigate. The goal is to provide direct, actionable information which is completely relevant to the queries your target users perform. It should work well with modern browsers and different devices. Your website needs to deliver high quality, credible, and legitimate content. If you have done all this, our SEO services can help you get a quick move forward. But if you are lacking any of these elements, need static website SEO, or want us to design a new website from ground up, we are here to help.

We’re a Full service Small Business SEO Company

You want to do justice with the bottom line for your company, and we know how to do it. From delivering best small business SEO services to helping you increase your brand awareness, we are here to help. We have done it before (many times), so we know the challenges, search engine ranking factors, and how to build a strong online presence. It’s not easy, but we can guarantee that we will help you achieve it.

Let’s Work Together

Choosing a small business SEO services company can be tough. We’re partial to our SEO packages because we have put a lot of effort into building a team of professional SEO managers and executives. We have worked on many search marketing projects and some of those websites are even designed and developed by us.

We offer a wide range of services to choose from. Instead of a single package, we focus on delivering services your website and business actually needs. For all your startup SEO needs, our top recommendation is ContentPlant’s search marketing services. Because of our knowledge, ideas, skills, and experience, many websites and businesses have grown pretty well. We want you to be among them and stand out.

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