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One of the first things travel bloggers think about is what to write. When they are ready with some pieces of content, the next challenge hits them hard – SEO for travel websites. There are lots of options, but if you know how the digital marketing for travel works, you want to take travel SEO seriously. And if you really do that, you need a strategy that you can follow.

ContentPlant’s travel SEO services and SEO packages for travel websites are designed to achieve specific goals. If you’re promoting your travel business in the digital space, you know how many goals are there to accomplish.

You need higher rankings, more visibility, listing on local business directories, listing on map services, and you also need a link building strategy to gain high authority links and quality visits from people who are genuinely interested in your services and products. There’s so much to do.

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Why you need travel SEO services

Building value through global targeting

Even when there are well established brands available in travel industry, people still want to see search engine results and you would be surprised to know that people want something different and unique. When the users are ready to plan their trip, they turn to search engines without hesitation.

In such cases, if you’re website is not visible on the first page of Google, or even if it does for certain keywords, you need travel SEO services for your business. If you’re not doing it, you’re losing a large percent of your customers to your competitors.

When it comes to building a strong online presence for your travel website, and reaching pre-qualified leads, there are many things your travel website SEO strategy needs. How you approach it, what tactics you use make a huge difference.

When it comes to SEO, the right practices are universal, and then there are SEO strategies and tactics that are specific to travel industry. Competitiveness and your company’s current state define which strategies are right for you.

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How searches take place in travel industry

Most travel-related queries are destination-specific

The vast majority of searches in travel industry are specific to destinations. For instance, in most cases, travellers plan their vacation by searching for the specific service they’re looking for and they add a destination name with their search query. For example, “budget hotels New York” or “best restaurants Hawaii”.

This might seem obvious, but from SEO point of view, everything including your site architecture to social media, and content strategy needs to support your website for relevant search queries. Specifically, whether you are trying to increase your hotel room booking, restaurants visits, flight bookings in a specific region or all over the world you need those search-specific digital assets to gain visibility.

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Best Marketing Practices from a Travel SEO Company

Get good organic search placement

Getting the right place on search engine result pages takes right effort, knowledge, and experience. It requires a team that has worked on projects in the industry. From keyword research to content development, local SEO to global SEO, everything is needed. At ContentPlant, we have the resources to manage your travel SEO needs in your budget. Instead of hiring random people to work on something, outsource to a travel SEO company.

ContentPlant provides SEO for travel websites, SEO for hotel business, SEO for travel agencies and blogs. Our strategies are scalable and our SEO experts know how to use data and information to build trust among your customers and bring more visits to your business, online and offline.

We work with companies to understand their customers’ journey, and then we create and implement SEO strategies that relate to their business goals. Our expertise is in travel SEO services that supplement your marketing efforts. While your marketing team is doing its best, ContentPlant makes sure you see success in the search engine results.

We always keep your ideal buyer in mind

Our travel SEO activities are designed in a way that we keep your buyer’s journey at the core. A car rental service business for example might want both tech-savvy and newbie as their ideal clients. We create multiple buyer personas to make sure that your ideal customer profiles should not be kept out of the strategy.

Search engines frequently make changes to their ranking algorithms. That is the reason even the top travel SEO agencies fail to understand what’s working and what’s not. Apart from these regular algorithm updates, we make sure checking all the aspects of digital marketing to deliver the best results to your company.

When you hire a travel SEO company, you can be sure that a team of SEO experts will be working for you with new SEO tactics. With ContentPlant, you can be certain about success. We will keep you at the top of the search results.

For travel ad hospitality businesses, getting organic search traffic brings many opportunities. Your brand’s reach has the potential to expand your business on a global scale. That said, you’ll be competing with travel service providers from local and global market.

To succeed, you need a carefully researched and planned process. Your business needs someone who understands the challenges and various moments that happen during your customer’s journey.

We exist to deliver what you need. We keep businesses functioning through the power of SEO.

  • An travel SEO company that talks about real information and results with complete transparency. ContentPlant give you the best your travel website and hospitality business can ever achieve with search engine optimization.
  • Our travel SEO experts are ready to work with your marketing team, so you can meet people with sufficient information.
  • Your travel business needs growth and we need the best results. Share your plans, discuss your ideas, and we will do our best to help you reach at the top and grow. Let’s do it.



You’re going to need assets that support your rankings for all those relevant search queries. Here’s a glimpse of how targeting works. We do keyword research for each destination and related queries. We help you build better landing pages with SEO optimized content, tags, and meta descriptions. We produce branded content for you and optimized your website for local social profiles.

Improving your site structure

We pay attention to your website’s structure because search engines should be able to read, crawl and index your pages. We make your website search engine friendly and at the same time, we also work towards making it user friendly because search engines want it to be that way. Correct website structure means you will get more traffic, more visibility, and more business in the long run.

Content strategy

A smart content strategy is about strengthening your brand’s search appearance and user-friendliness. With the right content, you can inform, educate, convince, and convert those visitors into loyal customers. We make sure producing content in different forms and sharing it on all the relevant channels where your target customers spend most of their time.

Link building

Old methods of link building don’t work anymore. Those methods are unethical and can do more harm than good. We follow the guidelines suggested by search engines and build quality links accordingly. We have built a strong network of reliable journalists and niche-specific bloggers who are ready to help you build quality links for your website. We have hand-picked reputed media channels and we hate spam as much as you do.

Let’s Work Together

If you think you’re doing everything right, but your site is not ranking for SEO Keywords or if you see that your site is being penalized by search engines, we are here to help. Contact ContentPlant to learn about our travel SEO services and other digital marketing solutions we can provide.

Our in-house team of SEO experts, content writers, digital marketing professionals provide everything you need to rank well and grow your business in the digital space.

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