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For businesses in the education vertical, ContentPlant’s education SEO services are perfect for admissions season.

July means a new year for universities, colleges and coaching institutes. It brings new marketing plans and business goals for the fresh educational year. So where exactly does SEO for education fit in your plan? Well, it should be at the top.

In the higher education segment, people often perform search queries geared towards school, department, program or stream. This is what makes the SEO for education challenging. The entire SEO strategy, in such cases, needs keyword research in depth. At the same time, SEO experts when they plan SEO for educational websites follow more than one roadmap.

SEO for universities, SEO for colleges or SEO for education institutes as a whole needs certain technical changes to achieve desired results.

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Why You Need Education SEO Services

Students, educators, and affiliates are using search engines

You can generate leads with SEO. ContentPlant helps you track how many visitors your website is gaining and how the user is interacting with your content. This data helps us optimize your SEO campaigns and it also helps you plan your next marketing moves online and offline.

The goal is to bring real students who are interest in your programs, courses, and school. With other forms of advertising, for example paid ads, you can be certain how many impressions and clicks you are getting on your ads but in the long run, it is costly affair and as long as you put money, your ads will be visible till that time only.

There are SEO shortcuts and you should not go against the guidelines set by search engines. An educational institute or a website needs proper SEO strategy that can bring you the best results for everything you have to offer. The best thing is you can achieve all that by working with ContentPlant.

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How searches take place in education sector

Ensuring the growth and Longevity of Your Business

It’s important to target people who are looking for schools, universities and colleges near your location. Many people perform searches like “Top institute” or “best colleges” etc. Even if you’ve listed your blog or institute in local directories, you still need SEO boost for your website because most of the time, these listings are not reliable and are not optimized well.

As an SEO company, we have seen how university website SEO can be different from SEO for educational blogs that deal in courses or publish study material or guides. The challenges can be unique in different segments. As you begin to prioritize your SEO plan for the year, our SEO packages for education sector can help you overcome challenges and improve the areas in your marketing plan that need immediate attention.

Why Us

The goal is to get you on top of the search results and stay there.

We help your institution to be visible online

Universities, colleges, and schools can improve their rankings in search engine result pages by focusing on a proper SEO strategy, website structure, content production, and a strategic use of digital marketing techniques.

Through developing your education SEO, you can raise the prestige of your institute and company along with finding more clients and students.

With our educational SEO strategies at ContentPlant, we ensure that all the key components for a successful SEO campaign, whether for higher education, distance education, or any other aspect of the industry. Our SEO experts will work with your business goals and budget to create a strategy.

We help you hit the first page of search engines

Our full service SEO agency focuses on building a strong online presence for you. For your business to become the top educational institution, reaching at the first page of search engines is vital. With our education SEO services, people will easily find you.

As an SEO company in education sector, we incorporate local SEO, website optimization, content development, and link building services. We always make sure that your website remains strong against your competitors.

With CotnentPlant and its education SEO services on your side, your website will rank high on search engines. Through high rankings, strong online presence, link building, and other aspects of your digital marketing strategy, your business will become a primary choice for your target audience. Our team will work with your brand, goals, and budget to create the best SEO plan.

At ContentPlant, we understand that organic search is not the only goal your company chasing. A successful and sustainable SEO campaign needs a combination of technology and content, and brand exposure through PR and media outreach.

That’s why when it comes to working on SEO for educational websites, our team of search marketing specialists in India, works together in our offices. We plan all the activities, execute, and monitor them together to ensure high ROI.

We exist to deliver what you need. We keep businesses functioning through the power of SEO.

  • An education SEO company that talks about results with complete transparency. We give you the best your website and business can ever achieve with SEO.
  • Our SEO experts are ready to work as an extension of your marketing team, so you can meet your clients, investors, and teams with confidence.
  • Your business needs growth and we need the best results to keep things moving. Let’s talks about your plans. Your ideas, our strategy. Your business goals, our SEO process. Your needs, our search marketing solutions. Let’s do it.


The ‘mobile-first’ approach

This shift to mobile first strategy may have already put your development team at work. If some parts of your website are mobile-friendly and other areas are not working well on mobile devices, you need to check browser and screen compatibility. Search engines check all the pages of your website and determine your website’s ranking. We help you get that fixed and prioritize your website for mobile first indexing.

Strong link structure for SEO value

SEO is a combination of multiple activities and it includes quality link building, content production, distribution of content and measurement. There’s a lot more involved in the overall process. If you don’t have a strong online presence or domain authority, we help you achieve all that and build a strong presence for your company in the digital space.

Making your website SEO friendly

It’s important to understand how SEO works. When it comes to SEO for educational websites, just like other businesses, it should be considered as a long-term process. If done right, its impact on your website doesn’t fade away like how it happens when you run advertisement campaigns.

We Give You Super Fast Results

With an expert team for SEO in India, we make sure that your brand reaches new heights in online business performance. Our SEO packages are customized and we prioritize SEO activities in our strategy according to your business needs. ContentPlant’s SEO services lift your site’s ranking to a new level of visibility and growth.

Let’s Work Together

Need professional SEO services? Trying to gain more visibility and organic traffic for your website? Our SEO experts at ContentPlant can help. If you are new to SEO and don’t have the time or skills to do search engine optimization yourself, we have got you covered.

SEO for higher education requires a lot of effort and as one of the best education SEO service companies, we address many aspects of your site and show you how those efforts are resulting in highly positive outcomes.

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