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Not only your SEO strategy should change according to your eCommerce business goals, but you should also think of SEO for eCommerce websites from a technical point of view. SEO for online stores needs to be done differently from the traditional approach.

We have worked with eCommerce clients from different industries – from healthcare products to recruitment software, gadgets to fashion and food items – so we know the requirements and challenges of SEO for eCommerce.

Do you know how your keywords play in the entire SEO space? Do you know how your eCommerce website structure can increase and decrease your chances of ranking well. We do, and we know how to apply that knowledge to deliver quality traffic to your website through our eCommerce SEO packages.

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Why you need eCommerce SEO services

Gaining new customers isn’t hard if you’re being found.

With more than 50% of online shoppers looking for products online, you’re going to need top place in search engine result pages. If you’ve been paying attention to eCommerce SEO trends during the past decade you may have noticed a that eCommerce companies are using SEO strategies aggressively.

Be it fixing meta, technical SEO, or choosing off-page SEO services, online stores are trying their best to use traditional as well as modern marketing tactics to target consumers online.

Any opportunity to maximize your click-through rate (CTR) in search pages should always be taken. SEO for eCommerce websites give brands something that makes them stand out. Whether it’s writing content for SEO needs, fixing broken links, replacing duplicate content, or building quality links, SEO is everything you need.

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How searches take place in eCommerce industry

Reach your consumers with a targeted SEO strategy

As you may expect, a list of keyword is a must-have when you want to get new clients or prepare your website. It’s really great that keyword stuffing is no more a part of eCommerce SEO strategy. The best thing about keywords is that you can target your customers with long-tail keyword terms and short-tail keyword terms.

That said, you also need to optimize your product descriptions for better ranking and greater visibility in search results. All the eCommerce brands should also make sure revamping their website if needed. You don’t have to redesign it, but the site architecture is crucial for your pages. Mostly because your store has many products and for each of the products, a dedicated product page is needed.

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Best Marketing Practices from a eCommerce SEO Company

Get good organic search placement

Ignoring SEO for eCommerce website means you’re taking the risk of getting your website lost in the crowd. With the right SEO strategy, we help you be found during the buying journey of your customers. If you are not visible on search results, people won’t know about your brand, your customers will not feel confident, and you will sell less. At the same time, you will leave more opportunities for your competitors and let them grow stronger.

If you’re with an eCommerce SEO company like ContentPlant, you can easily unlock your potential for growth. Rather feeling satisfied with the average rankings your website pages have gained, you could expand revenue and sales significantly.

For our clients, we allocate most of our resources and time to activities that are prioritized for meeting business goals. We cut down on areas with less impact or potential. When the building blocks of your eCommerce SEO strategy are placed well, all the efforts become more cost-effective and fruitful.

We give you “Free” organic traffic

In highly competitive niches and industries, running paid ads may cost you many dollars for a single click. Paid ads are good, but you can’t rely on them permanently. With effective SEO for online stores, you depend less on paid traffic. You can always buy those clicks but from ROI point of view, SEO can be better as it will bring you long-term benefits.

Unlike traffic from paid ads, the traffic you gain from organic search is completely free. Your website naturally starts ranking well on search engine result pages and you don’t pay money for the clicks. This is the reason SEO is popular and we help you attract quality traffic.

Successful online stores have prioritized SEO for their websites. You may have seen many small businesses dominate the search space and it’s all because of the right SEO strategy. Some small stores even compete well with leading international brands because they are doing it smartly and that too with limited budget and resources. We help you reach the right place so you can think about growth.

SEO is a long-term process and it has a long shelf life. With paid advertising, you only stay visible as long as you’re paying for the clicks. SEO keeps going and works all the day and night.

To succeed, you need a the right SEO process. Your business needs a reliable SEO agency that understands the challenges and changes that happen during buyer’s journey.

We exist to deliver what you need. We keep businesses functioning through the power of SEO.

  • Search engine optimization for eCommerce has the potential to boost your website’s sales and revenue. It positions you as the leader in your industry.
  • Our eCommerce SEO package are designed to work with your marketing needs, so you can sell with confidence.
  • Your eCommerce business needs growth and we are here to deliver you the best results. Let’s do it.


We Create Traffic

It’s no secret that a right search engine optimization strategy for eCommerce business can drive more website visitors to your website. With a higher conversion rate, you can expect more revenue. Even if the CTR is low, driving more traffic can help you increase the number of customers for your business and that can be done easily.

Industry-Standard Practices

It is impossible for eCommerce websites to reach higher rankings on search engines without the industry’s standard SEO practices. Without SEO you can be certain that your visibility will remain low. When we discuss standards, it is also important to know that the methods of improving visibility are linked to the overall experience your customers have with your websites.

Improving All Aspects of eCommerce Experience

It now is widely accepted that eCommerce companies that score highly in search results are creating high quality content and giving it a push through SEO. Because of this, the SEO remains at the core of the marketing strategy and it is used as a tool to maintain a quality customer service experience. We help you form better connections and deliver better experience for the customers.

SEO Reduces Your Overhead

Search engine optimization for eCommerce websites provides a powerful boost. It helps your website grow in terms of general traffic and organic search visibility. SEO for eCommerce offers sustainable and long-lasting improvements to in a way that advertising simply cannot. In a highly competitive environment, SEO unlocks the true potential of your business at a global stage.

Let’s Work Together

Whether or not you have begun optimizing your eCommerce website and product pages, it is essential that you realize the importance of these changes. It is also worthwhile to understand that search engine optimization remains more affordable than many other digital advertising options.

Therefore, we strongly recommend ContentPlant’s SEO services for all business owners. No matter how old your online store is or how successful you have been previously.

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