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Increase Exposure. Add Credibility. Convince & Convert.

Digital PR is one of the marketing industry’s key phrases that has been creating a major change in the way brands interact with their customers. 

Digital PR is where traditional and modern content marketing skills merge into a single hybrid role. By combining the knowledge of content, SEO, and PR, a digital PR agency can help the clients gain the most from online coverage. Digital PR services are designed in a way that we take our client’s digital assets into account. We pay attention to the types of links, number of followers and develop a digital PR strategy to achieve these KPIs.

We do not disapprove the best ideas of traditional PR, in fact, we use them into our digital strategy. It’s much more effective process where even small things can potentially help each other when it comes to achieving business goals through digital PR.

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Why you need Digital PR Services

Increasing exposure of your brand

Digital PR services can increases exposure of your business website, brand, and content in front of your target audience. When more consumers know about your brand, the more aware they become about your services and products. By connecting you with other bloggers and brands, we take your brand in front of new customers.

Other than writing guest posts for your business or getting your content, services and products featured in another relevant places, we take your brand’s message to readers beyond your regular visitors. By putting your website and content’s links on other platforms, we make sure that the visitors come to your website so you can convert those new readers into customers, subscribers, loyal fans.

From creating a landing page to capturing leads in a more organized manner, we make sure that your business can be found.

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More Credibility. More Trust.

Promoting your content with our online PR services

An online influencer talking about your company can add credibility to your brand, products, and services. People trust influencers because they often consider them as early adopters. Followers tend to focus on such things and a positive mention about your brand can make a huge difference.

Positive mentions from people and relevant blogs create a consistent image. It helps your brand earn more credibility and this credibility can be converted into impulse buying. ContentPlant as a top Digital PR company can help you achieve that level.

Why Us

Best Marketing Practices from a Digital PR Services Company

We Help You Grow & Track ROI

Tracking the ROI of digital PR is easier than traditional PR. We use analysis tools to help you see the real impact of your digital PR campaigns, while we optimize and make adjustments to make sure that your return on investment remains high.

With traditional PR, people have to rely on assumptions and guesswork. There was no strong indicator to measure the success of campaigns. Now it’s possible to know how your digital PR campaign is performing and how much impact it makes. You can easily find answers for questions like:

  • Number of views on articles
  • Number of clicks your webpage links have received
  • How many visitors converted to leads from your digital PR strategy

Precise A/B testing of digital PR marketing campaigns is a must. The details available in test reports help us optimize and plan future campaigns for desired results.

We exist to deliver what you need. We keep businesses functioning through the power of PR.

Let’s Work Together

Digital PR allows you to boost your marketing efforts to educate buyers. When you give information to your buyers and when you let them find your product information in different places, it builds trust. This trust converts your visitors into buyers. Most importantly, digital PR educated your target customers and help them make quick decisions.

Let them get talking about your stuff.