Organic Search (SEO)

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the method of gaining, improving and maintaining the greater visibility of a web asset like website, YouTube video or a Facebook page within search results of major search engines.

What is organic search engine optimization (SEO)?

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Stand out and achieve higher visibility

Organic search has changed. Focus on the creation and strategic promotion of relevant, informative, useful and truly extraordinary content which actually fulfills the needs of the audience and serves a purpose.

SEO is not dead because the basic principals still remain the same. A website must still be developed in a search engine friendly way (in compliance with ever changing search engine algorithms), but content for the website should be created for the user first and foremost. Keywords should be the secondary focus.

Furthermore, in recent years the frequency and presence of citation, brand mentions and social media integration have been highly considered by search engines when determining the ranking in SERPs.

Keeping you ahead of the search engine game

Exceed your expectations

Algorithmic updates, search and social media signals are a major part of the constantly developing organic search scenario. As a result, businesses are find it challenging to keep up with the digital transformation and search engine ranking success.

At ContentPlant, our experienced team of search marketing experts apply their methods, new thinking and expertise to your organic search strategy, to keep you ahead of your competitors and make your web assets stand out.

Worldwide market share of leading search engines from 1st quarter 2014 to 3rd quarter 2015.

  • Google
  • Yahoo
  • Bing
  • Baidu

How organic search (SEO) can help your business

Of course, it is really important for users to be able to measure the success. It is really important for any website to be able to reach more people through higher visibility in search engine page results (SERPs). However, our organic search marketing process is about much more than just higher rankings. We focus on highly relevant traffic to generate conversions and improve ROI.

Organic Search (SEO) can help you with:

  • Increased awareness around your brand.
  • Greater visibility.
  • Drive quality traffic to your website.
  • Opportunities to interact with more visitors and customers.
  • Build trust between your brand and your team, customers and fans.


Local Search listings are a great way to drive location based relevant traffic to your website through highly targeted local pages. Different studies have shown the growing importance of local organic SEO in achieving higher local organic rankings within Google search results.

Why local organic search (SEO) is important

Implementing a local SEO campaign will help to get your company in front of the right people whenever they need you. Indeed, no matter how well your competitors are dominating the market, if Google knows that your website pages are well optimized for local search and highly relevant to the users, it’s more likely to be favoured over your competitors within your industry.

Search Engine Ranking for local listings

External location signals, inbound link signals, on-page factors and social media are all considered by major search engines like Google when determining the ranking for your website. This is why it is really important to have a local SEO strategy developed for your website while keeping the industry trends and competitive environment in mind. SMEs and locally based businesses definitely need local SEO strategy to drive local inquiries about their products/services.

It is really very important to implement strategic local organic search boosters to your website to ensure that you are delivering the right message to search engines about the locations relevant to your business. Our organic search specialists can implement a highly effective local SEO strategy to drive local enquiries to your brand.

Improving the rank

Once the local search strategy is in place, our team will look at more advanced factors which affect the performance of your website as a whole, not just local ranking factors. The process includes consumer behavior, search trends and mobile optimization for sure. This is why having a local SEO strategy for your website is important.

Mobile advertising spending worldwide from 2010 to 2017 (in billion U.S. dollars).

  • In billion U.S. dollars


Our technical audits are planned to help us fully analyze, document and understand the information we need to design the right SEO campaign for your brand. Our team of SEO experts helps you understand the areas that need focus and efforts. We help you prioritize the actions to make more out of every single action you take in favour of your website.

Our SEO Audit will answer your million dollar questions such as:

  • Why the website is not getting ranked?
  • What is damaging the website’s search engine ranking in terms of technical setup and content?
  • Where does the website stand in market as compared to the major competitors?
  • What is the current scenario of social media efforts and other online marketing activities?
  • What is missing and how to fix it?

The SEO auditing process

Throughout the SEO auditing process, we examine technical nitty-gritty, off-page and on-page elements, to make sure that the organic search activities we plan will drive results you expect.

Beyond Google Analytics and Search Console (Former Webmaster Tools)

We review the setup of your analytics account and search console to ensure you are optimizing the major aspects of these platforms. Additionally, we make sure that your campaign is highly insightful so you can track the activities. We make sure that all the settings are correct including indexing, crawling, security, search appearance and keywords.

We also provide you with the detailed report that includes each factor with specific checks. This is not the end. You’ll also get a SEO practice guide that includes all the aspects of Search Engine Optimization process. Our Initiative (Marketing Academy India) is also available for our clients, it makes our client a marketer.

Content audit

As a leading content marketing company, our content strategists provide constructive feedback and recommendations on the tone, quality and targeting of your content. The content that audit we provide includes a in-depth review of your web pages, categories and blog posts. We also make sure that your web content is well balanced in terms of keywords.

Link analysis

One of the most important parts of SEO auditing process, we analyze your website’s links to understand the opportunities and risks. links If you have a link profile analysis as part of your strategy, we will analyse your site’s link profile to gain an understanding of its risks and opportunities going forward. We will pay particular attention to the link building techniques previously used on your site and perform a risk analysis, to identify whether a future Google penalty is likely as it’s important that your strategy is future-proof and sustainable.


Having experts of different fields under a roof makes us unique in every sense. We can perform an audit of your site’s current mark-up, where we will identify the opportunities and optimize the semantic mark-up.


Our search marketing consultancy service is the training and planning of how we will deliver the results. We provide reports and technical audits that help brands to identify and take actions for their specific areas of search marketing.

Brands come to us for many reasons. At ContentPlant, we simply consult with you about the focused areas. With ContentPlant, brands get complete solution for their digital and content marketing needs and we help them with the right solutions and guidance throughout the journey.

We love results just like you do.

Before we take any action on your project, we will ask you to tell us more about you, your business, your vision, your team, your company, your goals (short term and long term) and everything related to the solutions you are looking for. We love to hear and we also like sharing our experience and stories with our people. Then we create a tailored proposal that fits your needs, before we start shaping the future of your website.

Our SEO consultancy service is designed for proven success within the search marketing, coupled with content driven approach and web development skills. We know how to communicate with businesses and their audience in a way they can understand and take benefit from our expertise.


The mobile age is here. Mobile-friendliness is a major ranking factor than ever before. Google’s decision to expand the use of responsive, mobile-friendly websites has made mobile SEO crucial for organic search visibility.

While the change has a major impact on search engine results, your website’s mobile friendliness has long affected your SEO performance in many ways.


The 3 Seconds rule plays a major role in determining your website’s bounce rate. On an average, a user takes 3 seconds or less than that abandon sites. If your website doesn’t load quickly, users are more likely to move to another website. You’ve spent time developing a website, creating high quality, relevant content, make sure your website loads quickly.


Website that do not work properly on mobile devices irritates the users and increases the bounce rate. This is also one of the factors Google takes into account when determining the rankings for your website.

Global mobile data traffic from 2014 to 2019.

  • In exabytes per month

Responsive web design

Google loves responsive design. We help you build and optimize your pages to determine how your website is displayed to visitors on their devices. It allows your website to cater to the demands of visitors automatically, avoiding redirects or need of creating additional URLs.

Mobile website

We can help you setup a separate mobile website through which mobile users can directly visit the mobile version of your website. For example a mobile site can be created as m.subdomain. It helps the visitors and your company as well.

Here we come in

Our team with great knowledge of mobile SEO, we will perform website audit to determine the best mobile SEO strategy for you. When it comes to mobile SEO strategy, every website needs unique approach tailored for it. The ultimate goal is to drive more traffic while following the latest updates and search engine guidelines.


Paid search drives highly targeted and relevant traffic to a website by showing the advertisements for your brand on search engine result pages (SERPs). When a user search for keywords related to your business, your advertisement appears on his search engine result pages. There are various pricing models available but PPC (Pay Per Click) is the most popular form of paid search. Using PPC model means that you only pay for the clicks and not for the impressions (Number of times your ad appears in search engine result pages).

A strategically designed ad campaign can help you get higher returns. PPC is a great approach for businesses but it can also lead to a huge wastage of money if not planned properly.

What You Can Expect From Paid Search (PPC) campaign

The paid search campaigns allow companies to drive targeted traffic, leads and conversions to their website within a very short period of time.

  • Almost instant results
  • Can increase your visibility on major search engines
  • Can drive quality traffic to your website instantly
  • Helps you monitor and test ad campaigns and their performance
  • Can be completely optimized to drive leads to your site
  • Gives your company greater reach and exposure in legitimate way
  • Allows tracking
  • Budget friendly, if planned properly

In addition, the pay per click model allows you to control the spending on each campaign your run; it allows you to set the amount you wish to spend for clicks.

However, a large number of companies are using paid search making the environment highly competitive and making it hard for new businesses to maximize the success, it is really important to track and measure the activities.

How do we do it?

Our paid search professionals hold vast experience and focus on achieving the maximum performance for your budget. Our team is well versed with device targeting, paid advertising, remarketing, display, text and video advertising, social media advertising, and product listing ads (PLAs)placing your brand’s message in strong position to deliver maximum results for your brand.

With strategic approach, we deep dive into your business, defined your objectives, design the most suitable ad copies, test them and then we put them in the right place to deliver the results for you. We track, monitor and optimize the campaign throughout the process to make sure each penny you spend with us drives result.

Make sure people can find your website. You know what to do.