Reaching Customers On Google Plus: Is It An Outdated Idea?

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As a content marketer, the main aim is to make sure that the content is made available to as large an audience as possible. This makes Google Plus one of the most underrated ways of marketing content.

A growing social networking platform with more than 440 million active users, Google Plus is a great platform to meet and interact with your customers. Considering that the world’s number one search engine is Google and that it has made sharing content easier than ever, Google Plus is a platform that you definitely have to consider.

There are a lot of advantages that make it perfect for reaching customers on Google Plus, a few of them are as listed below:

Local Search results

Contents that are posted on Google Plus tend to get indexed very quickly and show up on the Google search results immediately after indexing. This greatly improves your ability in reaching customers on Google search as you no longer have to wait for days to get your content to get the visibility it deserves.

The general rule is, the greater the number of people you have in your circle and the more circles you are a part of, the greater is your chance of being seen in the search results for your network.

Tons of resources at your disposal

By working on the Google Plus platform, you have access to the wide range of applications available which are also a part of the Google Suite. These application can provide you with the flexibility to customize your content to meet the demands of your customers.

Applications like Gmail and Hangouts make it easier for you as a content marketer to get in touch  and reaching customers on Google Plus over the same account has never been easier. Google docs, sheets, forms etc. make it simpler to integrate the content.

An active community engagement

The reason social networking sites make for great marketing platforms is the engagement of the user community. Google Plus has user communities sorted by interests where you can post your content. Posts made on public communities can be viewed by anyone who is part of that community. This makes reaching customers on Google Plus a lot more streamlined.

The users who like your content have the opportunity to give you a +1, thereby increasing the rank of your particular blog and thereby increasing the chances of more people noticing the content.

Everyone you email can see your Google Plus profile

Your Google Plus profile is linked to each email you send. Thus anyone receiving an email from you will have a link to your Google Plus account. This makes it easy for them to be directed to your profile and get immersed in the content.

It is fair to say that because of the active communities on the page and all the resources made available, Google Plus is an important tool that can be used to give your clients the attention that they deserve.

Communicating and interacting with the clients in person and solving their queries in person gives an immersive experience. In other words, reaching customers on Google Plus has never been more personal and interactive.

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