How to Rate Your Own Articles for SEO

A wolf pack is considered as the best hunting team in the wilderness because of the perfect synchronization they exhibit while hunting. Each individual wolf is attuned to its partner in the pack and understands its role according to the rung it occupies in the hierarchy. A lone wolf is hard to find in the wilderness. However, if there is one then it won’t last long because a wolf is not built to work alone. The age-old behavioral patterns encoded in the DNA of a wolf will send signals of confusion. Just because they are not loners.

It’s analogous to the case of a content writer. A content writer just can’t work alone only with his content to back him up. He needs to be equipped with his armory of marketing strategies, a battery of web management tips and an armada of SEO tools. The marketing strategies are helpful to broadcast the content to the public, the web management is to make the content and the website more presentable. But what matters the most for a content writing is tailoring articles for SEO. Thus the SEO tools are responsible for increasing the visibility of a content and propelling it to higher search rankings when searched for.

Hence, it’s palpable that writing articles for SEO is a very important aspect.

So, let us get straight to the point, and discuss the topic at hand- How to Rate Your Own Articles for SEO?

Primary Checklists

When you are altering articles for SEO, first of all, you have to look after the primary concerns that relate to your content. They are-

Quality- High-class content with no grammatical or logical errors

Value- An informative and organized content that leaves a reader spellbound and elicits an “Ahaa” at the end.

Originality- The content must be original and not plagiarized.

Befriend Google

Associate Google with virtually everything on your page. Share it on Google+, and in the trending language +1 it. Like that it would get recorded on Google databases. Incorporate Google AdSense into your website. Stay in the hunt, and write content based on the trending search history as seen on Google Trends.

A keyword-centric content

Make use of keywords in your content and keep them in a healthy number. Nowadays, Google search algorithms are not just restricted to keywords as they were in the early days. However, keywords are still an essential parameter as far as the curating of articles for SEO is concerned. But care must be taken so as not to overstuff keywords.

Titles, Meta Titles and Image Titles

The title of the post should be decided and then used. There must be relevance between the content and the title given to it. And more important is the Meta title. Meta title is a short description of your website that is visible to search algorithms. Hence it is important to write Meta titles with utmost care. Images, if used, should bear a relevant name and not some abstract names. You can even use keywords in your image name. And your attempts at writing articles for SEO would begin to reap success.

Guest linking and Interlinking

If you link your article to other posts which bear relevance to your content, then it’ll help you a lot. Interlinking can also help. And the presence of links escalates your appeal and lend an aura of completeness and diversity.

So if you don’t have a tactical team out there to back you up in helping you write articles for SEO, you can use these tips to self-check your own articles. Fear not of being a lone wolf, augment your persona and be a one man army.

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