Ranking With Content: Top 5 Avoidable Reasons Why Search Engines Do Not Recognize Your Content?

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Every content writer’s biggest dream is to get as many viewers to read, learn and share the articles that they have published, but this dream is not achieved by every writer. As people upload new materials all over the internet, search engine analytics have a tendency to filter what is hot and what is not. If you are an avid blogger but you have not seen many of your works on multiple search engines, well, here are the top five reasons why search engines do not recognize your content.

1. Search engines have not indexed your website yet

As a budding blogger, you should know that if your initial content is not showing up on search engines it could be because the search engines have not ranked your content yet. In this way, your website has just begun and you need to be a bit patient before you get any success with search engines ranking your content.

2. Duplicate content

There are content writers who intentionally or unintentionally try to beat the analytics by duplicating their content over and over in a bid to get the search engine analytics on their side, but ranking with content does not work that way. In fact, the analytics will most likely skip over all the content as this is redundant to be posted. In other words, originality is key when trying to express content on the web.

3. Keyword stuffed content

Amateur content writers will try in a frivolous bid to gain attention on their content by spamming unnecessary keywords on their blogs. This is a very dangerous method of seeking attention on websites as this leads to the search analytics trying to spread the keywords on multiple tags. This leads to unhappy readers who will find little to no use for your content. Those unhappy readers may not visit your blog again.

4. The blog is not mobile-friendly

Since the majority of the content readers are mobile users, optimizing your blog for these users is a necessity when you want a good ranking with the content that you have published. Since you have taken the effort for developing your content so far, a little bit of a push to get your content mobile friendly by maintaining the layout styles will go a long way to be optimized by the search engine analytics.

5. All the content is put on the same page

Search engine analytics is all about variety. If you have put all your eggs in one basket (or in this case, all your links on one page), you are bound to be ignored by the system which will diminish your ranking with content. A good way of getting over this situation is to diversify your content on different web pages. In this way, you are more likely to boost your ranking.

All in all content writing is all about genuineness and how you are able to portray your ideas to the public. Good content may come up once in a while but if you keep writing awe-inspiring content, you are bound to get lifelong readers who will expectantly wait for the latest content that you will publish. That by far is the most beautiful gift any content writer will ever get.

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