Quality Content For SEO: A Content Writer’s Checklist

The animals in the wilderness do not coronate the lion as their king with a pompous celebration and festivities all around. It is the by the dint of his courage and strength that the lion assumes kingship and reigns supreme over the other animals, at the top of the food chain. And even in a pride, the alpha male has to continuously fight for his dominance. Isn’t the world of content writing the same?

There are various like-minded institutions working on almost the same principles yet the content for SEO for each one differs. Some of this shine brighter than the others and even amongst them, there would be one such organization that would tower above all.

Producing refined quality content is not that tough a task. But tailoring the content for SEO, so that it is at par with the standards is a bit tough. There are various aspects which go hand in hand. But it isn’t a thing to worry for the budding content writers out there in the wilderness. You all should get prepped to rock the world by the sheer brilliance of your words and how you play with them.

So let’s discuss today’s agenda- A content writer’s checklist

Check 1- Relevance, is it even there?

The first thing that comes into attention while curating content for SEO, is relevance. If you’ve coined a title for your post and the content is about everything but the topic, then it would fetch you a very bad image. Chances are that your work might not even show up on the search engines.

So when one is crafting content for SEO purposes, special attention should be paid to the relevance of the title and the body.

Check 2- Long…Short…Optimum

The length of your post matters a lot. If it falls short then it won’t be counted as a valid content and you’d be losing out on your customers, viewers and subscribers alike. If it would be too long, it would be nothing but unnecessary extravagance on our part.

So what one must do is that articles should be kept crisp but informative. It should be of an optimum length. A limit of five hundred words would work fine for an optimum length.

Check 3- Marketing, hey I’m here!

Never feel shy about sharing your work with the people you are connected to on the various social media platforms available in today’s era. If you’ll miss out on promoting your own work, then others will not be that much keen to do that for you.

Don’t neglect marketing, you never know when your post may become viral!!

Check 4- Keywords and Presentation, brothers in arms!

The most important query which should be handled is that of keywords, especially when content for SEO is being prepared. Because SEO techniques have revealed that the usage of keywords and links to other works augment the visibility of a post. This is because keywords and external links give a cosmopolitan feel to your post

And dear content writers, presentation is a very important aspect which shouldn’t be taken lightly. Take certain measures to organize your content and build it in an attractive narrative style.

Check 5- Pocket-friendly, what’s in your pockets?

The link to your work should be light, and mobile friendly so that people from anywhere on the internet can access your work and get benefitted from them.

So these were some guidelines as to how to yield high-quality content for SEO purposes. And in the end, there would just be one suggestion from our side. Be honest in your works, give people due credits, and be as original as possible. People love to read new things, not the same old gibberish copied and pasted stuff. Work that magic that is hidden deep under the covers of ignorance. Enkindle the fire in you and give the readers a moment that they’ll cherish for life.

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