Quality Content Creation: Are You Doing It Right?

We all understand the importance of quality content for website. However, regularly creating content that meets high quality standards while still being able to achieving content performance goals can become challenging when you are new to the business marketing or haven’t yet stepped into the actual content marketing world.

Overcome these three content creation problems before you create content that not only creates buzz in social media, but also engages people and converts.

No idea of what content quality is:

If you do not have a clear understanding of what quality content is, how can you create it? Without knowing what is considered to be of high quality, you cannot produce the right content.

Lack of right people at right place:

Many startups, small and medium businesses can not afford the luxury of in-house writers, designers and content strategists. Most of these companies are full of sales people and crafting an effective marketing story can be like asking for troubles and more painful at times.

Poor content creation:

Many business owners complain about the content quality but their agencies do not believe their claims in most of the cases. But, the truth be told, many content marketing agencies don’t always help their clients with the right content production. Poor content creation does not bring results and leaves business owners in a terrible situation.

Being a leading content marketing company in India, we have been working hard to overcome these obstacles to content quality. So, here I’m sharing what we’ve learned in content marketing, I’m also sharing several techniques that have been helping our content marketing company with improved results.

What Is Quality Content?

Some of our readers may have different approach to quality content. I hope to see your thoughts in the comment section. Here, I’m defining ‘what is quality content’ in a simple way.

1. It is well structured.

It’s not just telling people; it’s about showing them. When you create content, explain your key points briefly at the beginning. You should also include supporting details below the high-level points. This formation helps those who are interested in reading the whole story.

2. It is User-Centered.

Companies like to talk about themselves. Of course it is not bad but, customers want to know how companies can make their lives easier by solving the problems they face. People want to know how much companies understand them and how do they work on providing the best possible solutions to them. The best and easiest way to find out how customers feel and what do they need from a company like you is to walk in customer’s shoes. Imagine yourself at the place of your customer and honestly judge your company and the content you are publishing. Will you buy from yourself?

3. It is easy to consume.

It is not necessary that your customers are in the same industry. So, do not scare them with your gobbledygook. Make sure they understand what you offer. Your content should be produced in a proper voice and the right style. If you are offering services to big enterprises, your communications need a gentle touch of elegance, while if your target customers are random people or blue-collar employees who are open to straight forward language, you should add a touch of the same language they easily understand and engage with.

4. It provokes thoughts.

Don’t you get involved or want to join the discussion when you hear people talking about your favourite sports team or your favourite travel destination? Such discussions boost your curiosity, making the discussion more relevant to your personal life. Such communication helps your brand in a great way and makes it memorable.

5. It serves a purpose.

Creating and publishing content doesn’t necessarily mean it will convert. You need a story to tell. Every brand has a story, but your story should have a focus. The focus of your story should encourage people to take action. It can be anything such as buying a product, downloading a guide, subscribing to your blog or any hard or soft action. Always remember, not all the people visiting your website will convert, but, they have something in their mind. Most probably a purpose, connected to your business at some point. Don’t think that you’ll sell everything to everyone. But, if you can engage them in conversation, it means that your content marketing efforts are working. Your content should entertain people, but people won’t take it seriously if your content fails to meet their expectations.

6. It is shareable.

As a content marketing company, we create content for many clients. We use almost every effective technique we can to ensure greater reach of our client’s content. This is really important. If you write something, then spend time in strategic content distribution. Your content should reach more people every time. Use social media, content amplification or any other suitable content distribution strategy to maximize the reach of your content.

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