Providing Content In Regional Language: 5 Things To Keep In Mind

Content is the pillar of every search engine and every product one might see and analyze in a day to day life. Content in the regional language with diversity in writing and presenting is a hard task.

India is emphasizing on advancing the task to reach to the users with their native language over English. According to the statistics about 100-120 million, accounting a 15% of India’s population feel the ease to consume content in English, rest 85% Indians feel to prefer their native language. 5 things that should be kept in mind while producing the content in regional language:

1. Don’t miss out on the meaning during translation

The translation may find various loopholes in the content, the major part of translation depends on the experience of the content writer. If one is specialized in the field of single language translation then the one may carry it better till the end. Content in regional language is a tough task to perform along with maintaining the decorum and aura of the write up in the particular language.

2. Beware of syntax and semantics

The format and the logic of the write-up should be given the priority, as readers need the aura of content to let themselves engage with the happening and thrilling content across the world. Semantics means the logic, the way paras are separated or like each para sustains the content according to the given heading makes it more useful.

3. Keep sentences brief

Sentences are the structure of the content body like the bones of the human body to make it stand among users. Content in regional language boosts the readability if the proper and brief sentence is presented that is easy to read and understand. The sentence should portray the meaning, not only the language but the combination of good hold on language with exact meaning achieves the rising stars.

4. Use one word to elaborate about a single concept

In spite of running through the crowds find a shortcut to reach the destination which refers as one single word is enough to express rather than telling a story about it. Content in regional language favors the brief and exact things to strike the mind of the reader without jumping the hurdles and searching for the meaning.

5. Active voice should be chosen instead of passive

In order to create effective and powerful content in a regional language, the writer should use active voice. This will help in making the content more direct which will lead to a better understandability. Along with the content in regional language, usage of active voice will also simplify the translation of the created content.

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