Mobile Application Discoverability – Step Into The Future of SEO!

Today mobile presence of a business is as crucial as its web presence! In the era where mobile is at par with computes, things have changed in the SEO approach. Many people have come to the conclusion that mobile-friendly websites and applications are the only way to stay ahead in the competition. However it not just takes building a mobile-friendly version further it initiates a new struggle of presence, but this time in the mobile search platform.

Now webmasters are required to put more and more efforts in making apt websites with the potent to either get converted as per the mobile screens or they need to build one accordingly. At the same time, mobile applications are also taking the fiscal part of the businesses by storm! Now people look forward for the applications of the business or brand and here comes the discoverability of apps into picture.

It has been noticed that in retail and travel industry, the revenue generation from app has potentially exceeded than desktop, which clearly depicts the future of SEO. Now it’s the time to shed light on mobile discoverability of the application in Google Play, as it’s the new realm of optimization at its vast. In the pool of millions of apps it is going to be difficult for brands or businesses in the upcoming mobile era to get their apps found. However, Google has astutely come forward with approaches like ‘Google Now on Tap’ and ‘App indexing’ to help businesses gain organic visibility in the application market.

Google Now On Tap

Near the mid of 2015 by announcing Google Now on Tap, Google cleared the importance and future of mobile discoverability. It means that now the expanded approach of Google is a tap away to help Smartphone users for getting assistance with just by tapping and holding home button. This opens the new doors for apps to gain exposure and visibility however for this the apps require setting up for deep linking. Whether the app is installed on the device of the user or not, this Google Now on Tap would help them gain discoverability and make user’s work handy just by invoking Google Now.

Application indexing

Application indexing is the option for those who wish to see their app on the top of Google Now On Tap as well as the organic mobile search results. Application indexing allows crawler of the search engine to index the application’s content via deep linking however the content requires having a corresponding web page. So you need to put efforts in indexing your app if you wish to gain greater visibility and discoverability.

It’s clearly visible that SEO approach is now not restricted to websites, however it is expanding vigorously and so the need of taking steps forth. If you wish to leverage the power of this mobilegeddon then start comprehending about your mobile presence today and make way towards a holistic approach. As your competitors must have already been started doing efforts in the direction.

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