How To Maintain Content And Website Design Balance

For any content writer, it is important to know how your articles are arranged for a given platform. In more ways than one, the design and how the content is arranged is just as important as what the content is all about. Websites that play around to find the best content to design ratio have a greater audience that those who don’t.

If you are looking for ideas how to give the perfect balance between content and website design, here are some of the key things that you need to observe.

Symmetry VS Asymmetry

Striking the right balance becomes a very critical factor in how content should be placed.  Where and how something is placed gives a subliminal message to the audience on how they should see your content.

Articles that are symmetrical to the webpage are smooth and easy to read from one point to the other. However, too much of symmetry will make the content look the same from all angles. This makes readers think that the content is repetitive and boring.

On the other hand, asymmetric content allows your content to stand out from the rest. This makes it easier for people to spot it. This is perfect for eye-catching content. Then again, care must be taken to not make everything seem out of place.

In this way, your website should have a balance between content and website design in the way it is arranged.  As they say “Seeing is believing”

Balancing images

More often than not, amateur content writers often misjudge where and how many pictures they need to put on their webpage. One key factor in content and website design is to make sure that placement of the image as well as relevancy to the content.

Website designers always look for a unique way of showcasing the images. Then again, how many images and of what size and quality matter to the general public.

Text VS images

When trying to balance between content and website design, content writers find it difficult to gage where they should put their written content and images.

Ideally, content writers look for images that give the text more meaning. This depends on content to content. Fast paced topics that require audience to express their feelings will require more pictures. On the other hand, fact based content will require more detailed images.

Where you put your images and content is up to your discretion. Just ask yourself if this is where your image will give you a bang for your buck.

Mobile version optimization

One thing to keep in mind is how your content will look on a smartphone.  Since mobile devices is one of the fastest growing platforms, it is necessary to optimize your content for this platform.

Size and format matters when you think of content and website design for smartphones. Assess the situation accordingly and make sure nothing overlaps the other.

One of the best things about content creation is to know that your content will be able to attract readers to your work. If you put in the extra time and effort, then your hard work will reap wonderful rewards.

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