Lacking Blog Topic Ideas? Here’s How To Come Up With Some

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A blog is the lifeblood of content marketing if a content marketer has creative blog topic ideas. Starting a blog is an easy task. But making it readers’ favorite online spot is a challenge. It’s hard, but not impossible. Every day you have to feed your audience with quality posts on your blog. A content marketer can have loads of blog topic ideas if he can experiment the below-mentioned tricks.

1. Check Out What’s Trending

Content marketers can take the help of Google Trends, Social media and online discussion forums. These platforms will show you the hottest topic of the hour. Just choose your topics which are relevant to your business.
Facebook always wants to tell you what’s trending. Reddit, Twitter, BuzzFeed, BuzzSumo, Feedly, Alltop, Google Plus can also be helpful in picking best topics for blog posts.

2. Pick From Your Audience Comments

Keep a habit of checking comments on all your blog posts. Sometimes, you may find that your audience is voluntarily suggesting you topics from which you can take out a better blog topic ideas. In this way, you can also create a new post to answer your readers’ queries.

3. Get Inspired By Your Rivals

Don’t be a frog in the well. There is nothing wrong in peeping into your rival’s blog. Your competitors may be having a hot potato on their blog. Of course, being a copycat is unethical, but getting inspired by other’s work will not be considered as stealing someone’s thunder!

4. Try A New Angle

When a reader places a question on Google’s search bar, he will encounter hundreds of blogs with the exact answer. So, there is no point in creating one more post about the same topic. But digging out a new angle will make the blog post unique. For example, “Content writing for social media”. This is a widely discussed topic. Any content marketer can create a big blog post in an hour on this topic. Only the best content marketer can think of a new angle for the same story.

There are a thousand blog topic ideas around you and waiting to be included in you blog topic list. Finding the untouched topics will take more time. However, it will never disappoint you.

5. Blog Post Is Not Just Writing

There is a preoccupied thought among many content marketers about blogging. For most of them, content marketing through blog means mere writing. You can present visual content to the audience through videos, graphics, photographs, infographics and other innovative tools. You can also conduct a survey and the result can be presented on your next blog post through infographics.


Leading brands keep their blogs alive with outstanding blog posts. Running out of blog topic Ideas is something which they never experience. Because, for them, blogging is not just a task, but a powerful marketing strategy to stay connected with the audience. A couple of days ago, Reebok had shared a post with the title “5 Beautiful Phone Backgrounds for Daily Inspiration”. The post has shared the pencil art created by an Instagram artist. Through this post, Reebok conveyed its concern for the fitness of women in an admirable way.

Some of the companies know the importance of blogging and they sincerely post content on their blogs. But the result will be highly disappointing. So keep in mind! Not investing enough efforts in developing great blog topic idea is like barking up the wrong tree.

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