Infographics In Content Marketing: How To Use Infographics In An Effective Manner?

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As a customer, what will be more appealing to you? A long piece of text or an eye-catching informative image. No doubt the answer is latter one.

Infographics in content marketing are the creative visualisation of data capable of converting complex subjects into an interesting and engaging figure. It involves the use of charts, images and graphs all telling your business story, making it easy for your target audience to grab it.

People are more likely to stay on your page and revisit it if they are able to gather information in an interactive and easy way.

Is there any big reason for using infographics in content marketing? Why to waste time in converting your written data into images or statistics. Does it worth? If you are in dilemma of whether to use infographics for your content marketing or not, following facts will definitely convince you of its importance:

Simplifying Complexities

It is a fact that 90% of what our brain perceives is through visual aids. We are thus more captivated by image than text. Infographics can make a great impact on platforms like Instagram, Snapchat etc. Moreover, it is an obvious fact that people respond better to visual data than text.

Go Viral

It gives your business an opportunity to go viral on social media. Tweets containing infographics are retweeted more than normal tweets.

Traffic Influx

For an online business, continuous traffic growth is the only way to survive in this competitive environment. If you have deployed infographics in content marketing, then the chances for the rise in traffic increase on an average to 12% more than those not using it.

Rank Higher

Infographics help you achieve higher rank in search engine results via SEO (search engine optimization) which in turn increases visitors to your site.Which site you prefer to open when the search engine results are displayed–First or last.Obviously those which appear on the top.You could thus judge how important ranking is.

These facts clearly display the importance of infographics in content marketing. It increases your visibility online compelling more people to look for you and your easy to catch visual content.
Just knowing the benefits isn’t enough, but the effective implementation is what matters the most.

Here are tips on how infographics must be used so as to extract maximum profit out of it.

1. Right Topic

Instead of mentioning about yourself, you must try to address some interesting issues or data of your business which people can be looking for. Try to pick popular hot topics by searching trending Hashtags, Google trends and RSS aggregators, then presenting them in engaging infographics.

2.High Accuracy

Looks and display are of no use if the data presented aren’t accurate. Just make sure whatever statistical information you plan to display must be the result of thorough exhaustive research. Use reputable resources for research purposes and never forget to give credit to the sources.

3. Embedded Code

Make people aware that an infographic can be shared without violating copyright laws. A javascript code can be integrated along with the infographic which users can use by simply dropping this code to their blog.The browser will itself convert the code into the infographic.

4. Easy Buttons

Always provide sharing options which should be one-click away. Options like “Tweet” and “Pin it” is inevitable. These buttons can be placed wherever appropriate.

Infographics in content marketing have gained enormous popularity in these days. This is the result of the changing behaviour of users, who now prefer to focus on substantial knowledge and have become selective in nature.

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