What You Should Know About Hiring A Content Marketing Company

For a successful business, strong online presence is important in a world where people are showing interest in digital content. In fact, a company’s content marketing strategy is the new life line of its business and brand. That’s why choosing the right content marketing company is a must. No two companies can provide the same services and results; and unfortunately, there is no superhero flying to the rescue, so that’s when you need a content marketing company to keep your brand and business ahead. A reputable content marketing company can help your company fly higher. The wrong one can suck your time, money and hopes.

But the questions are many- How do you find the right content marketing company? How should you measure the success? How should they treat your business? How should they plan a strategy for your business? How can you make sure that the content marketing company you are hiring is right for you?

ContentPlant is a content marketing company. Here in this post, we will cover all the above questions and all the aspects of choosing the right content marketing strategists for your company. We’ll give you some information and hopefully drive you to a conclusion that will fit your needs.

When you hire a content marketing company, remember, you’re not just giving an assignment to them, you’re entrusting the success of your business and brand reputation to them.

Let’s start with questions:

Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Content Marketing Company

1. How Is The Company Setup?

Small business owners often make a common mistake, “Come to my office, we’ll discuss the project.” Many brands try to visit the content marketing company for at least initial meetings. You should also visit their office if you are not taking services from a reputed content marketing company located outside of your city, state or country.

Before you hire a company, make sure they are fully functional and they have a professional content marketing team in house. You don’t want to be tricked by someone claiming to have full time staff and an office. Always make sure that the content marketing company you are considering to hire has in-house team of experts and they do not rely on outsourcing or freelancers for important work.
When you talk to the people of a content marketing company, do you get a good vibe? Do you feel the professionalism in their tone? Do you feel the passion and trustworthiness in their voice? Do they sound trained and well-informed?

Ask them about the people they’ll be assigning on your project. Simply ask them “Who will work on my project if I close the deal with you?” and see what they say. Are they able to connect you with the team who will be working specifically on your project? Remember, it is all about your company’s reputation and you do not want to compromise.

2. What do they specialize in?

There are companies who do everything when asked by clients, even if they don’t have capabilities on the other side some of the companies stick to their core services instead of doing everything in the world.

Is this company working around the content marketing? Or they provide irrelevant services also. To deal with this confusion, find the answers of a few questions.

Is this content marketing company relying on others to execute the strategy? Or do they have capabilities to handle entire project? Do their services are relevant to content marketing? Or do they sell everything they find attractive and profitable. When you get information about a content marketing company’s core strengths, this information will help you determine if the company is able to handle the entire project or they will help you with a small aspect of it.

A content marketing company can provide you many services and should possess knowledge about latest trends in content marketing world. If the company has a setup in which they can provide complete solutions – from designing a website to marketing it with the right strategic approach, then it is a win-win for brands.

3. What are their pricing plans?

When choosing a content marketing company, compare the price plans of a company with the company standing at the same level – compare apples to apples. Many business owners just check the pricing plans and jump to another website and repeat the same without asking any questions.
• What I’ll get for this price?
• Who will be working on my project?
• What will be the deliverables?
• Who will be responsible for what?
• How much time will their staff spend on my work for this price?
• What are their plans to measure results?
• How will they keep me updated during the process?
• Is there a clear procedure for progress reporting, work updates and billing?

4. How do they drive results?

A professional content marketing company will show you the plans they use and procedure they follow to work on the projects they handle and the way they measure results based on your project and goals. Make sure that the content marketing company you hire will not just wow you with high-flying talks, but can show you actual plans, results, previous work and growth they’ve brought.

5. How Capable Are They?

Check if the staff ha people with relevant experience in content marketing. Do they have experienced people with published work? Have they worked on projects and brought results? To make it very simple: do you feel that they ‘truly’ understand content marketing and love their work?

Many business owners fall into costly traps on the other side some business owners ignore the qualified company to save money and end up losing the business.

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