Content Marketing in India: How It Can Help Companies Survive and Grow

To many people, content marketing in India is nothing different than a method of advertisement. Many marketers in India look at great content as an additional expense, without realizing that they’re getting a HIGHLY PROFITABLE asset out of the business process that can benefit their companies for many years to come.

Customers have questions and every company has such customers who ask questions and do not make purchase decision before getting a satisfactory answer.

As an entrepreneur in India, to become the next biggest success story in your industry, you must think about Content Marketing in a way to reach your customers, gain higher levels of trust and sales along the way.

Here are the reasons why Indian entrepreneurs should invest in Content Marketing:

Content Marketing Is Never Too Costly.

Do you think that creating great content requires a big investment? Well, that’s true, but not always and not in every case.

Marketing is costly. I won’t say that you can market your brand ‘effectively’ without spending. But you can be sure that the content marketing is not too expensive in the current environment of marketing world. Budget for TV commercials and digital advertising on websites or social media channels is growing day by day and the competition is also rising at a higher speed. Meanwhile, you can rely on content marketing which is a developing industry in India and is not that much expensive if you find the right content marketing company.

If you think that you cannot afford hiring a content marketing team, or you think that you have all the qualities of a great content marketer, there are many ways to develop effective content for your brand.

Before you choose your content marketing tools, ask a few questions to yourself:

  • Are you the right person who should handle the content marketing for your business?
  • Do you have all the qualities of a content marketer?
  • Can you plan the most effective content marketing strategy for your business?
  • Do you have any experience or knowledge of content creation, distribution and measurement?
  • Can you steal time from your schedule to create content regularly?
  • Are you able to remain consistent for your content marketing goals?

Creating and publishing content looks easy but it is more about creating quantity vs. quality. If you can create quality, distribute and amplify your content in a right way, then you can get more out of your investment in content marketing. Content marketing is about adding values to the life of your brand and customers.

You Cannot Rely on Costly Advertising.

Can you reach every prospect through paid marketing and advertising tactics? Not all of your prospects are using the same channels. Your competitors might be spending millions on online advertising and other marketing tactics. You can also follow the same path but, what’s the point if you miss the prospects you are failing to target. Instead of paying to show your ads for a fixed time in targeted demographics and to certain people, build your own platform that can be reached by anyone at anytime. You don’t need to invest a lot in content marketing. Build something valuable for your brand. It will help you get higher ranking in search engine, more shares, more engagement and a greater exposure.

People Love Content and Trust The Brands Who Publish More.

Being one of countries with largest internet users, India is quickly moving to digital age. Consumer behavior has changed a lot in last ten years. People are spending more and they like consuming content before they make any decision. People search the products/services on internet, read the information from the sources they trust and the information they consume, builds the decision into their mind. You may find cut throat competition in TV commercials, hoardings, online advertising, newspaper/magazine ads and radio advertisements. A large number of companies (new and old) are using these advertising and marketing tactics to acquire customers by spending a huge amount. But, people prefer collecting information before they take action on these advertisements. Here content marketing is the only need that solves the purpose without costing you a bomb.

For any company wishing to build their brand, they need a strategic and unique method of communication that gets their message across effectively, quickly and carefully in a way they can measure. Since great content on websites, Newsletters, white papers, mobiles, emails, brochures, and products requires attention to details on the part of the target audience, you have the great opportunity to alter their perception of your brand with content marketing. And because a good content marketing company knows your industry and target audience just the way you do, you can be sure that your brand’s message gets through to exactly the right people, on right time, giving you the highest returns on your investment. Content marketing in India is growing rapidly, the companies can now join the journey or be left behind.

Content Marketing Is Still Virgin In Many Areas and Industries in India.

Far too many companies get disheartened when they see their competitors beating them with the marketing strategies. See, if you’re a giant and you have a close to unlimited advertising budget, spend the way you want. But if you are one of the 99.9999% of companies, you need to get the most positive results out of your limited budget. Luckily for you, content marketing is still virgin in many regions and industries in India. Those who are already leading the content marketing game; their success can scare the companies who aren’t using content marketing strategy. But the companies should realize that their competitors started exactly where they were several months ago, and the only way they can beat their competitors is to start creating content! Don’t let your competitors put you down.

If you are thinking of content marketing in India, you should definitely add content marketing into your process. Because this is the right time to invest in content marketing in India because you’ll face less competition ensuring greater returns.

It is your time to establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry and content marketing has all the things you need to achieve higher visibility, strong online presence and a voice for your business.

Bottom Line

If you see the current marketing trends and the old ones, you’ll witness that most of the marketing tactics are planned toward time-sensitive marketing campaigns, business, product or service launch. Content marketing is evergreen. It will always answer the questions your customers and prospects may have. The content you publish today will help people for years, and help your brand to get noticed in search engine results. Content marketing helps you in a way   a banner ad or a tweet can never achieve.

Take an honest look at your marketing material. Is it about you (and what you want your customers to know about your product, services or you) or is it truly about your customers?
Share your views, marketing challenges, business problems or anything you would like to say.

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