4 Mistakes You Should Not Make When You Hire Website Content Writers & Bloggers

You are looking for content writers who can write website content, blog posts or content for other business needs. It is true that without content marketing, businesses can’t stand strong. Website traffic, more customers and brand awareness can only be assured with quality content, and nothing can replace this need. But are you really doing it right? Are you getting what your business deserves? Do you know that creating content and publishing it on your website is not enough to win? Remember that even the brands with deep pockets fail at content marketing if they make any of the following mistakes.

If you are in need of website content that converts and sells, or if you want to get some articles for your blog page that actually attract visitors to your website, this guide is for you.

Mistake 1. People Buy content

I see many entrepreneurs and marketing managers posting their job requirements completely focused on their budget. Their job posts alone are enough to say that the person more interested in finding a cheap deal rather than finding quality content. We all should be careful with money, but if you are buying content like this, it is better you don’t hire anyone and write whatever you can.

“It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it.” Warren Buffett

Content creation is not about bargaining. It is not something which you can buy and decorate your website with it. No! Content is not a showpiece which you can use to fill that empty white space of your webpages.

Pro Tips: Focus on quality. There are many content writers out there who can write for whatever you pay to them. They will happily accept the lowest offer, but is it going to help you in any way? I wonder why people search terms such as “Buy content online,” “buy articles online,” “Cheap content writers.” You website content is something that will convert or scare away people. It’s in your hand that how you prioritize your needs.

Do not spend more than what your budget allows, but if you are confident about the content quality and feel the work promising, just invest in it.

Mistake 2. They Make Unrealistic promises

“You write content for our company and we will bring more projects to you in future.” Are you kidding me? Still using the same old tactics to ask people to believe in your dreams. Most of the time when companies look for website content writers or bloggers, they promise them to give more orders or leads in future.

Whether your promises are true or false, there’s no need to explain what will happen in future as you are dealing for your current requirements. You may feel that such promises will make people more focused on your work in order to get more from you in future, but remember that it’s opposite can also happen.

Pro Tips: A professional content writer will always deliver the best, no matter how big or small your project is. Those who love content creation will not disappoint you. So try to be as much realistic as you can and tell what’s important. Instead of focusing on what can happen in future, invest time in making them understand what’s you need at present.

Mistake 3. They Trust Easily Or Not At All

Trusting people is not bad, but trusting rightfully is more important. On the other hand there are cases where companies don’t even trust the people at all. They don’t feel like sharing the necessary details, they try to keep everything hidden and sometimes they don’t even give enough space to the person to work in his or her own style.

“Trust is built with consistency.” –Lincoln Chafee

Pro Tips: When it comes to trust, there’s a very nice rule that says “it starts from the top.” If you are feeling like you trust content writers easily and fall into trap, keep yourself away from situations where you have to deal with random people. Get in touch with a content marketing company or a team of professional content writers. This way, you can make sure that you are dealing with genuine people who are sitting at one place and working together for you. Even when you have some works in future, you can easily catch them and get the job done.

Mistake 4. Height of Carelessness

If you don’t care about it, no one else will. If you don’t respect your customers, no one else will. Neither your own team, not someone who will be creating content for you. As I said earlier, it starts from the top. You should show people that you really care about your audience and content writers must be careful while creating your brand story. You should show that you are really striving to achieve something for your brand with this and you have set goals for the work you are paying for.

Your website content should not be just another place decorated with fluffy content giving no useful information to your audience.

Pro Tips: Have a clear idea of what you want to achieve. If possible, also try to be in touch with are not just writers, but a better marketer. Your content marketing efforts should encourage search engines to rank your content well. And remember that it is not about placing keywords 4-5 times.

Don’t buy content, invest into it. And if you love buying something, then buy a better user experience for your audience, but don’t buy content. Just invest into what’s right for your business. If you have any questions, feedback, suggestions or content request, please share in the comments below or contact.

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