Here’s How You Can Create Infographics That Go Viral (Easy Steps)

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It is very difficult to grow a startup blog at a great speed. It is a time taking process that requires lots of efforts. But the development of a blog can be made easy if you create infographics. Infographics is the information delivered through visual effects. The easy steps through which you can create infographics that go viral are as follows :

Step 1: Gather information

You should gather the information from the right sources. The information should be trustworthy. And besides of being trustworthy, it should also be convincing. It should be able to provoke audience to take action. Collect accurate information is the main step. So, be careful while choosing your source of information.

Step 2 : Decide your purpose

Once you have gathered the full information about your topic. You should decide the aim of choosing that topic and create infographics for your target audience. Whether your aim is to educate people, lead them to a particular action or only to create brand awareness. Until and unless the aim is not clear in your mind, you will not be able to work in the right direction.

Step 3 : Proofreading is must

Proofreading is done to avoid the spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. You should read it twice or thrice before finalizing it. The last minute revision of the whole infographic content is actually very important. You should edit and refine it till the time it becomes how you wanted it to be. You should be very careful because a single mistake can bring a downfall in your brand reputation.

Step 4: Distribution plan

This step is about making your brand popular on social media. You have to first create infographics, publish and then share it on different social media platforms. These platforms include Twitter, Instagram and Facebook etc. It is said that even if you spend 5-6 hours on these channels marketing your site, it will bring good amount of traffic on your site. This is obviously because these sites reach to maximum number of people.

Step 5: Optimised press release

You should write an optimised press release. It is because it attracts press attention and increases visibility of your website plus it also improves the ranking. It also is an opportunity to share the latest updates with the public. You can also show the impact of your research on people. Make your press release so effective that it can make it’s own place in the market.

Step 6: Social media release

The next step is to write a social media release. You must be thinking that what is the use of writing social media release when you have already written one press release. The reason is that social media attracts a large amount of traffic as compared to any other source. Social media release is a form of compact details on social media channels. You can follow the same pattern of writing as the press release, but remember that you are writing for a social media platform.

Follow the above easy steps to excellently create infographics that will go viral. Remember to share as much as you can. Tell a lot of people about your work, then only you will be​ able to achieve the desired results.

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