How Hard Do You Need To Work To Reach First Page on Google

Google is the world’s best search engine. Even though Yahoo is 3 years elder to Google, yet it got superseded. The reason was simple, Google was simpler, faster and offered various services all at one place. Yahoo is a very heavy page. Google is not. Prima facie, Google was more customer specific, and people liked that immensely. And with time, Google conquered the world of search engines, and Yahoo took a backseat. And then things began to change. Being highlighted on Google became a thing of great pride and businesses began to vie for securing a place on the first page on Google.

And in today’s age, the first page on Google is a hallowed place in the field of business. In the ever competitive field of content marketing, there is a huge struggle for the top spot. Only a selected few can feature on the first page. And to be a part of the elite few who have a spot on the first page on Google, there are a lot of things that go hand in hand. From managing your website to managing your content.

So let’s set the pace and discuss the topic at hand- How to get featured on the first page on Google?

Befriend Google

Google is a fun thing to hang out with. It has various strategies and algorithms used to sift search results. But, it also helps business ventures out there to help them increase their ranking and give them a ray of hope of getting featured on the first page on Google.

Learn to use keywords which people often tend to use. Identify the keywords and then incorporate it into your content. Google Trends is a very good tool that lets you know about the search trends in recent times. And if you add your location to Google then, it will help you a lot when regional filters are in place.

Revamp your website

Your website should look classy. Leave no stone unturned in increasing the status of your website. Use original content and providing links to various published works lends an aura of credibility. The graphics displayed should be such that they are relevant to the written content. Enticing templates should be used such that they attract the attention of the people and consequently, Google.

Maintaining originality in your contents is very important.

Availability of your work

There is no harm in sharing your work on the social media platforms, especially if it is top notch and one feels that sharing it will generate good results. And the availability of your content on various places on the internet, may increase the visibility of your content.  

Besides these major aspects, one must give significance to lending value to their content. If a content is meaningful, has the perfect set of keywords and quality associated with it, it will get upvoted and gradually, it will be one of the elite few who will reserve a seat on the first page of Google.

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