How To Grow Website Traffic When You’ve Nothing To Spend On Advertising

We all want to grow website traffic for free. There’s no point in feeling shame. We all want to know the secrets through which we can earn more without paying less or nothing.

You may’ve heard that “nothing comes free” and yes that’s true. But, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you can not grow website traffic or you can not acquire more customers if you have nothing to pay for advertising.

If you do not want to spend a single dollar on advertising, just follow this guide and I will tell you how you can grow website traffic. Yes, as nothing comes free, here I am going to invest something, but it’s not money. I’ll ask you to invest your time and efforts instead.

As this is not a magic trick or something like that, so if you are expecting to see overnight success, this guide is absolutely not for you. But, if you are willing to learn how you can establish yourself as a thought leader while you grow website traffic, I’m sure you’ll learn something new here.

So let’s get started.

Step 1. Know Your SkillsGrow Website Traffic analyze yourself

I have seen many individuals claiming to be a champion marketer. When it comes to marketing, almost 90 percent people say that “yes, I can sell.” The same problem happens with some entrepreneurs. They want to do everything on their own and fail.

The most important thing is to understand what you can do and what you love doing. I have been in journalism, writing, consulting, web development and digital marketing, but when I do something in one specific area, I do not get involved into multiple things at that moment.

When you are completely dependent on your efforts, it’s better not to experiment things you are not good in. I can tell you many ways to grow website traffic, but the most profitable ways are the ones that are easy for you to choose.

Here I’m sharing the ones you can start from today only. Just check each of them and pick the ones suits your needs. Be realistic.

Step 2. Setup A BlogGrow Website Traffic Blog Writing

If you don’t have a blog page on your website, get one as soon as you can. You can keep the design simple, but make sure that you have the goals in mind so that you won’t have to make significant changes in future. Coding becomes a ‘hard to deal with’ kind of thing for non-techie entrepreneurs.

Write Something Valuable

One of the most cost effective yet powerful ways to grow website traffic is writing quality content. If you know the art of writing valuable content, use that talent for your brand. You can take help of professional content writers if you wish too, but if you are not willing to pay anyone for the work and really feel that you can do it all alone, go ahead and start writing.

Here are some quick tips on planning your content writing for blog.

  • Define your audience
  • Focus on giving valuable information
  • Choose the right keywords
  • Write compelling headline
  • Use call-to-action
  • Solve problems, provide answers
  • Be consistent

Step 3. Send EmailsGrow Website Traffic email marketing

Writing emails to your potential clients can be a great way to convert them. If you can’t invest your time in writing blog posts regularly, email marketing can be the way to grow website traffic.

No matter how old your website is, all you need is quality visits from people to whom you can convert into your customers. Writing emails can be a great way to do that. It is free of cost and it doesn’t require any high-end skills.

If you are tech-friendly and are familiar with HTML and CSS, design a simple email template for your campaign. If you are not willing to do that much, no worries, just write something that can make people open your email.

When writing an email, content plays an important role. You might not want to get your email sitting unopened in someone’s inbox. Focus on how to write good email subject line.

Here are some tips on writing better subject line for email:

  • Short is sweet
  • Personalize it
  • Make a real promise
  • Reveal what’s inside
  • Consider the delivery time
  • Make them feel special
  • Don’t use ALL CAPS
  • Don’t write like a spammer
  • Refrain from auto senders

Step 4. DesignGrow Website Traffic Design

Many of us are born with this talent. It is not always about designing some high definition graphics or videos to please your audience. You can start with a creative infographic drawn on a simple paper. If you have the talent to put your thoughts into images, just start and do it and grow website traffic with relevant information

Design an infographic with or without tools. Make sure that it should be unique, eye-catching and most importantly informative. When companies feed the right content in a systematic manner, people start craving for more.

You can design newsletter as well. Share your latest updates, information and collection of blog posts in your newsletter. You can put links in it and can share it via email. If you are good in writing and designing, just try to put some valuable content in an ebook and design an attractive cover page for it. You can share this PDF on multiple channels, and if you have something really valuable to say that people would not mind paying for, you can sell the book as well.

Step 5. Video BlogGrow Website Traffic video blogging

Creating an account on YouTube doesn’t even cost a single dollar. If you are someone who can guide people through videos, this is one of the best way to create a follower base and grow website traffic. Many people are doing it already and most probably some of your competitors also might be having a YouTube channel.

Step 6. Start A PodcastGrow Website Traffic podcast

If you can’t face camera and do not have video making skills, starting a podcast can grow website traffic. Those who will be interested in listening to your updates would not mind visiting your website to get more. It can be a series of ‘how to’ guides, or some fresh, unique tips on a specific niche. Such practices make you stand out and they also help you get the most out of your efforts.

Step 7. Participate In DiscussionsGrow Website Traffic Discussion

Platforms like Quora, Reddit, Facebook and Linkedin are a great way to join industry specific discussions. You can answer questions, share your expertise and can establish yourself as an informed and highly active brand in the industry. One thing you should always remember that do not try direct sales on such discussions.

I see many companies asking their digital marketing heroes to post comments with their hyperlinks to make people click them. Uh! It’s weird and doesn’t work well. What’s the point of getting visitors whom you can’t convert.

Unnatural placement of links not only damages your SEO efforts, but it also affects your brand’s reputation. Customers these days are well aware about click bait techniques and bad SEO practices.

Place links where it is necessary and keep it natural. Do not try sales pitch before you earn their trust. Only an informed customer makes purchase decision. Remember that you educate them well before you sell.

Step 8. Host a conferencegrow website traffic

It can be a webinar or a meeting with your potential clients. If you focus local market, you can host an event where you can invite your target audience for free. You can share your knowledge and ask questions. It will help you build a bond, and more importantly, you will come to know about their problems and their needs.

Conferences are a great way to identify opportunities. And they don’t require a huge budget if you can manage it well at your workplace or somewhere they usually spend time.

Give them something that will make them visit your website and ask them to share it with their groups. You can ask them to visit your website to claim some freebies or to share their feedback online. You can conclude the meeting with an announcement of surprise waiting for them on your website, or you can simply announce something for them available on your website. It can be anything. Some books, sample products or something they might be interested in.

Step 9. Use Social Mediagrow website traffic social media marketing

You may have already considered using social media to grow website traffic. Now make sure that you choose the most suitable channels/platforms for your brand. Do not try to focus on all of them in one shot. You might feel exhausted. Go channel-by-channel, instead of covering all of them at once. Share your content pieces and be consistent. Do not buy likes from cheap sources, because it’s useless. Try to earn followers because they will be there with you and will actually read your content.


Doing all the things may not be possible for everyone, but if you choose any of them and keep doing for a reasonable amount of time, you will see the results. To grow website traffic, you can start with any of these activities. Here are the things I would like to suggest you. So before you start, remember that you are not going to make the following mistakes.

i) Multitasking

Don’t do it because you’ll end up getting nothing. If you have a small team or you’re just a solopreneur, try to do one thing at a time. If you are focusing on writing, invest time in writing blog posts first. Achieve something in that and then move on to other formats.

ii) Inconsistency

As mentioned earlier, there’s nothing like overnight success, so be ready to invest time in these activities. Do not expect instant results, but if you make these practices a habit, you’ll reap the benefits in the long run, which spending on advertising can’t give you.

Same thing you will need to do with social media. If you’re doing it, make sure that you keep your social media channels active and responsive.

iii) Unrealistic goals

When you don’t define your objectives, it happens. So before you start doing anything, make sure that your objective is driving quality traffic to your website. Set your goals and expectations accordingly and create content that supports your core objective.

iv) No measurement

If you can’t measure it, stop doing it. Set realistic measurement parameters for your campaign. Do not expect thousands of unique visitors by publishing just one blog or two. Make sure that you are measuring your efforts in the right way. You can create and follow an editorial calendar to keep track of the input. You can also set up measurement tools for your website to see what results your efforts are bringing.

If you have any questions or doubts, feel free to share in comments. If you want to know more about any of the above mentioned activities or anything related to content marketing, feel free to share.

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