Grow Website Traffic: 5 Survival Tips When No One Visits Your Website

There are times when companies get a lot of visitors to their site, sometimes they might not be so lucky.

In order to grow website traffic when times are tough, here are some things you should look at to maximize your audience pool.

1. Do not neglect ‘Thank You’ and error pages

The times when you have to look after customers is when you are at your most vulnerable. Therefore, you should inform them something is wrong with your site. Things such as server maintenance and customer transactions should have a more personal touch.

This gives your content a more one-to-one feel. Although this is a small detail, it is known to grow website traffic because of how it speaks to the customer. So keep it simple and special.

2. Optimize website content

If no one visits your website, then the problem most likely lies in the content you have written. It is time to revamp your material and give it a new look. Do not clutter the site with too much information. Keep it simple and elegant. Use concise language. Do not beat around the bush, this will make it difficult for the readers to pay attention for long. This will help you grow website traffic by itself.

Make sure you get all the important information in the part of the website that is read most. Consider using a different eye-catching font for important messages, so if they visited, they will not miss it. Also, consider adding more colour, if you haven’t already.

3. Using social media for customer service

If no one is aware of the existence of your website, you will be unable to grow website traffic. Publicity is imperative. Use social media sites for this. Advertising your website in social media has a few characteristic benefits. It will let you reach different kinds of people from different walks of life. This will let you expand your client base.

If an idea clicks with the mass, it will spread like wildfire on social networking sites. So, be active on the important sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. This will weave you into the daily lives of the public.

4. Identify your traffic sources

It is important to know who visits your websites. This may get you information on why the number of visitors is little. Maybe all the advertising you did reached only a few sectors of potential clients. It becomes important in this case to know who actually are visiting.

You can find out what you did right and implement it elsewhere. This makes it a lot more streamlined to grow website traffic for specific genres.

5. Be aware of new users vs. returning users

If your website has failed to attract the attention it needed, one of the reasons may be because it hasn’t reached your target audience. In this case you have to try and impress the readers that have already visited, so they can spread the message about your company and your website. Change or upgrade your website in such a way that your regular readers will spread the message about your company.

No matter how tough it gets, DO NOT GIVE UP. Many entrepreneurs give up just before things start to get better. So make sure you know that you can do better. Stand up and face your challenges. It is the best way to grow.

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