What’s Google Search Console All About?

Google webmaster tool recently being rebranded as Google search console is a tour de force that comes as a benison for website owners. Parallel to that of a dashboard of instructions, this software ease out the life of website owners by allowing them to manage their site effectually and effortlessly. Getting foot in the door of the world of internet could be a piece of cake however managing its every single aspect is not less than an uphill battle. This is the niche where former Google Webmaster Tools or more correctly today’s Google Search Console comes into picture!

Almost everyone with a web presence is acquainted with Google search console and keeping its broadened addicts in mind Google took a decision to rebrand it, of late. As the earlier version only focused on webmasters consequently with a wiliness to address every single one for whom their online presence matters, Google rebranded it as Google Search Console. This blog is designated for those who aren’t well-versed with this Google’s search giant.

What exactly Google Search Console is?

Google Search Console is more generally a set of functionalities offered free of any charge by Google to lend a helping hand for webmasters or anyone else to manage his or her website. The software provides every bit of information to the users about their own websites. It’s an excellent platform for maintaining as well as monitoring your website’s presence on Google’s search results.

Everyone is aware of the importance of search engine optimization and this service can let you comprehend how Google optimize your site’s performance. Setting up a Google Search Console account ensures keeping a check on aspects such as- broken pages of the website, site errors, site indexing and how search engine sees the website. In addition to monitoring your website, these tools furthermore lets the search engine alerts you about any malware or signs of hack on your website. This is just like the active log on your Facebook timeline from where you could see how someone from the outer world can see your website and read its behavior in the search engine for further enhancement.

Who can use Google search console?

By renaming its decade old service, Google has made it clear that this isn’t just a tool designated for the webmasters however for anyone with a website. People such as business owners, site administrators, web developers, marketers or SEO specialist as well as app developers are those who could make the most of the tool, by having a look on the complete picture of website traffic.

Why you must make sure setting up a Google webmaster account?

The basic approach of search console is to monitor and maintain the website at its best. Besides the performance of website in search results, one can also watch closely, how the website looks to the world as well as the search engine.

The sine qua non is that Google search console is a must use primary tool for ensuring the working, management and monitoring of a website.

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