Google Launches Mobile Website Speed Testing Tool For Website Owners

Google has introduced a new tool for website owners to help them check their website speed across the devices. In form of this new online tool, the tech giant has unveiled a new opportunity for businesses where companies can check their website’s health in terms of mobile-friendliness, speed in a single place. The tool doesn’t require a lot of search engine knowledge and it can turn out to be a very handy tool for everyone who has a website.

Why it is important?

Google’s new tool help you get all the scores on one page. The company will also send you detailed report which can help your development team in long run. By using the website speed testing tool, businesses will come to know how much score their website gets from the major search engine. On a scale of 0 to 100, Google will tell you where your website stands. The tools will help you analyze the level of mobile-friendliness your website offers to your visitors.

What do you get?

The tools reveals three important facts about your website. First is mobile-friendliness, the second one is mobile speed of your website and the last one is desktop speed. These details reveal how good or bad your website is performing on your visitors’ devices. When you have website, you definitely want to bring more visitors to your business, but a bad score can get your website ditched by thousands of potential visitors. It means that a bad score can make you lose some business as well.

How Measuring Website Speed Helps Your Business?

As we always say that business can thrive if their websites load faster than their competitors. A user only takes a few seconds to judge your website and each second is precious for your business. No matter how well you have designed your website and no matter how good you are at your work, if you lack mobile friendliness and good website speed, you are losing business.

What you can do?

Google always provides you insights suggesting the improvement areas. Look carefully for such things. It can be anything from poor codes to navigation or low quality content. Your website. If you are not able to judge what can improve your website’s overall growth, let the professionals do the job. You can in fact discuss the issues with an experienced person or a team. They can help you sort out the things in no time. Or you can simply give us a buzz. We are happy to help.

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